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Opening Saturday, May 2nd for the 2015 season!

We will officially open on Saturday, May 2nd, for the 2015 season. As always, we will be open 8am to 6pm, seven days a week! Everyone is looking forward to another season!

Asparagus: The cool nights have really been a problem. We hope to pick Friday afternoon or Saturday morning to have some for the weekend as we know everyone is anxious for their first taste of the year.   However…we won’t know for sure until we actually pick. It will take some days of nice warm weather before we have any large harvests to fill any big orders. So as always at the beginning of the season, it is best to call ahead and make sure we have what you want or to place an order. That way we can call you when your order is in! 269-244-5690.

Bedding plants: We are starting to bring in “cold crop” plants, which you can plant in your garden now. These include: cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, various lettuce varieties, broccoli, swiss chard, herbs and onion sets. We also have some red seed potatoes.  When it gets warmer, we will start bringing in the other vegetables and tomato plants.  It really is too early to put any thing like cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes in yet–they are heat loving and very susceptible to frost.

Hanging Baskets:  We will have some hanging baskets this weekend but will be getting a lot more over the next few weeks as the night time temperatures warm up.

Kale: Becca will have Kale from her yarden, the last of last year’s crop which she overwintered. It is exceptionally sweet and tender.

Bakery Update: Our bakery will open on Saturday as well with a smaller selection of items for the first week. This weekend the pie flavors will be: cherry, blueberry, strawberry rhubarb and apple. Cookies: lemon ice and monster cookies. Also available: cinnamon rolls, pecan sticky buns, cinnamon bread and 12-grain bread. Many of you have been awaiting our donuts, we will not start making donuts until June. (Sorry!)

Beginning Saturday, May 9th, we will expand our bakery item selections to include muffins, brownies, additional cookie varieties and more breads. In addition, our local meat suppliers will be stocking for that weekend, we will have the same pork as last year but are adding beef this year as well.

Brandy: Brandy will be available: apple (oak aged and glass-aged), cherry, pear, Niagara grape, and Concord grape. We expect to open our Saturday tastings and tours a bit later in the season.

Mother’s Day ideas: 

  •  This year, consider some of our special Mother’s Day items we are putting together. Many of our local vendors will have their items on the market on Mother’s Day Weekend, including local honey, cards, art and Ruth’s famous pecan and cashew brittle. We will also have a nice variety of flower pots and hanging baskets.
  • Why not buy Mom a “living” salad?  We will have large tomato plants for the patio or to set outside—they are already blooming, staked and some have little tomatoes on them. Pair these with one of our lettuce bowls. They’re planted with cold-tolerant greens that can be put outside now, and the lettuce can be picked and it grows back! Grab a basil plant in one of our colored pots, then add a bottle of your Mom’s favorite salad dressing and you have a healthy gift she can continue to enjoy.

    Salad bowls and tomato plants.

  • An arranged flower container for the patio or door step for Mom. Once again we will be making up special containers with flowers and herbs. Come see the many unique containers available for sale at all price ranges. If you have a container you would like us to plant, bring it over and tell us what you would like in it.

Happenings on the farm: It’s been another worrisome week with several nights getting at the freezing level. David has pulled the night duty on watching the temperature then irrigating the strawberries to keep them from freezing and we thank him for this! Our orchards are in various stages of buds and bloom, and so far, nothing has been hurt except the peaches–which just couldn’t take some of the extreme winter temperatures we had.

We have gotten a first planting of cold crops in the ground, including planting seven different varieties of cauliflower which will be a first for me. My parents grew it years ago and it was beautiful–I’ll try to remember what I learned from them! Today we replanted the 2nd half of the new U-Pick apple orchard. (We lost all of the new trees we’d planted in the severe 2013/14 winter). This has been my legacy apple orchard project and it was very gratifying to finally see all of the rows with trees–it is planted with a mixture of apple favorites from years gone by plus many new “fun” kinds. Our first planting of sweet corn and green beans is going in tonight. So, things are happening here on the farm!

From Becca: I planted basil and peppers in the hoophouse this week, which means it’s now planted for the season. The tomatoes are getting their first flowers and looking great. We should be ready to harvest kohlrabi and lettuce from the hoophouse very soon, as well as spinach and some other things from the schoolhouse garden.

"Making ice" while protecting the strawberry plants this week

“Making ice” while protecting the strawberry plants this week


A truckload of new apple trees to complete the orchard.

A truckload of new apple trees to complete the orchard.


One of the happiest sights I have seen this year:  cherry blossoms that survived the frost and being pollinated!

One of the happiest sights I have seen this year: cherry blossoms that survived the frost being pollinated! (this might be the closest I have ever gotten to a bee on purpose!)

If you are by the farm this weekend, stop and look at the cherry orchard across from the market in full bloom. It is simply breathtaking with the lake in the background and perfect for photo opportunities!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards is looking forward to seeing all of our customers back for the year! We thank you for buying local!