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U-pick Strawberries! And More Strawberries. And MORE Strawberries!

Picked strawberries are now available daily!

  • Picked berries: $3.50 quart
  • $26 for a flat of 8 quarts, either ordered ahead or available when we have them. Please call 269-244-5690 to place your order and we will call you when they are ready.

U-pick strawberries will open on Saturday, June 13th. The first few days of strawberry opening are usually a little bit chaotic with everyone anxious to get out for the first time. Please realize there may be some lines until we find everyone a picking spot. The morning picking is from 8 until 12. If we finish picking all of the berries for that day, we will close early as we rotate the fields in order to ensure customers have good picking each day we are open. You are always welcome to call to make sure the field is open before you drive out (269-244-5690).

We expect berry picking season to last 10 days or two weeks, depending on the weather. So if you want to avoid the opening day crowd, feel free to wait until next week!

  • U-pick strawberries will be $1.75 quart. Please bring quart containers if you have them. If not, you may borrow ours for picking and use your own containers (bowls, tubs, etc.) to get the strawberries home.
  • If you are trying to pick larger quantities of berries (over 5 cases or 80 quarts), please call us in advance. We would like to work with you to schedule you in on a day when we have lots of berry availability. Ask to be put on our “large quantity list.” 269-244-5690.
  • We welcome customers who want to take advantage of being on a farm and enjoy the u-pick experience. We know there are many families who would like to have their children understand where their food comes from and how it grows. Some of you have shared that the experience is almost more important than how many berries you pick! If you are newcomers to strawberry picking and want some advice, just let us know when you arrive and we will give your family information on how berries grow and show you how to pick them.

Schedule for the 2015 season U-Pick Strawberry season. 

  • We will open the field at 8:00 am and it will remain open until we are picked out or until 12:00 pm daily (that’s EST for our Chicago customers!)
  • We are offering two afternoon picking options this year: Mondays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 6 pm.
  • We plan to open each day weather permitting, closing only for berries to ripen if the weather turns cold. If we close the field for ripening, we will make that decision the day before, so please call us the day/night before you plan to come to make sure we are picking that day. For safety, we will close the field during lightning or a thunderstorm.

Other produce available at the market: 

  • Rhubarb: $2.50/lb. (This is probably the last week we will have it)
  • Broccoli
Our broccoli is beautiful this year

Our broccoli is beautiful this year

Greenhouse Produce: 

  • Tomatoes, $2/lb
  • Greenhouse cucumbers, $0.75 (small salad-size cucumbers) or $1.50 (extra-long cucumbers)
  • Greenhouse peppers, $1 each

Produce from Becca: As always, my produce is grown with organic standards in mind without synthetic chemicals. I’m constantly impressed by how quickly some things sell out on the weekends! If you want, call ahead and we’ll set some aside for you – 269 244 5690.

  • Lettuce from the schoolhouse (hoophouse lettuce is gone now), $3/half pound bag.
  • Basil from the hoophouse and from the field, $1/bag.
  • Kale (Red Russian, Siberian, Curly, and Tuscan), Chard, and Collard Greens, $3/half pound.
  • Limited quantities of Turnips and Radishes, $2/bunch.
  • Limited quantities of Sugar Snap Peas and Green Beans.

The u-pick herb garden is looking good. Parsley, sage, dill, rosemary, catnip, lemon balm, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, cilantro, and more are ready to harvest. U-pick herbs are $1/bag, look for the bags and scissors hanging on the large bird overlooking the garden. Bring your recipes and pick them fresh.

Perennial Flower Plants are still available: yarrow, sweet William, coneflowers, delphinium, baby’s breath, daisies, statice, bee balm, rudbeckia, black-eyed Susans and salvia. We have them in many color choices!

Other Local Products:

  • Thick Greek-style yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Meat
  • Cards
  • Pecan and cashew brittle
  • Honey and maple syrup
  • New this weekend, Michigan-made Sanders dark chocolate fruit dip for your strawberries
  • Mary’s jams will be back this weekend. Mary will be here at 11 am on Saturday and Sundays with a nice variety of homemade jams, made from fruit grown on our farm or her own.

From the Bakery:  

Once again this weekend we will have our strawberry glazed pie, topped with fresh whipped topping and our home-made shortcakes. We have had a busy week getting ready for 2016! If you are wondering how we make those strawberry-rhubarb pies in the off season, it is because our bakery crew freezes the fruit so we can use them for baking fresh pies. Please feel free to call and order any of our items in advance at 269-244-5690.

This weekend in the bakery we will also have:

  • Donuts: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Cherry, Buttermilk and Blueberry.  
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Blueberry Rhubarb, Cherry, Rhubarb, and Strawberry Rhubarb
  • Strawberry Glazed Pie–fresh strawberries in a glaze sauce topped with whipped cream
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Cookies: Cut Out, Monster, Lemon, Triple Berry, Peanut Butter, Ginger Molasses and Double Chocolate
  • Bread: Cinnamon, Whole Wheat, Vegetable, Honey Oatmeal, Italian, Multi-Grain, Tuscan, and Hamburger Buns/Hot Dog Buns
  • Cinnamon Rolls and Sticky Buns
  • Muffins: Double Dutch Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Wildberry, Raisin Bran
  • Dessert Bars: Cream Cheese Cookie, Caramel Brownie, Mississippi Mud, Tiramisu, Lemon, Chocolate Truffle, Peanut Butter Mousse Brownie, Chocolate Caramel Mousse Brownie
  • Frozen Slushies/Welch’s grape juice
Thanks to Jan who has frozen her share of berries for us this week

Thanks to Jan who has frozen her share of berries for us this week

Find us at local Farmer’s markets: 

Hubbard’s Brandy and hard cider are available and we’ll be doing a tasting session this Saturday from 1-3.

Happenings on the farm this week: This week we picked and picked strawberries, trying to get all of our orders complete while waiting for the berry plants to be full enough to open the U-Pick. We also spent a lot of time answering the phone–whew! That’s how we know so many people are anxious to come pick strawberries. With the great rains we got, we had to go into high gear again with weeding, another thankless job that is never finished.

Cathy taking orders and answering the most FAQ:  "When will U-Pick strawberries be open?"

Cathy taking orders and answering the most FAQ: “When will U-Pick strawberries be open?”

From Becca:

This week I harvested my first five pounds of green beans out of the hoophouse! They’re just starting to ripen now. I also got my first pints of sugar snap peas out of the field. With the rain and warm temperatures, a lot of things are growing strong. Now is a great time to get lettuce – it’s still cool enough at night, so I can grow several sweet and tender varieties. A month or so from now there will mostly be summer crisp lettuces available.

Many of you have seen me with a friend following close behind. His name is Odin, and I’m watching him while his owner looks for dog-friendly housing. He’s very friendly, very happy to meet kids, and very energetic! I mostly keep him away from customers because I understand not everyone likes dogs. He also stays out of my vegetable beds for food safety reasons, but is often just outside the fence guarding me. If you like dogs and see him in the yard, feel free to say hello!

That’s it for this week. See you at the market! Thank you for buying local.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

Some days it does seem like the dogs are in charge!!

Some days it does seem like the dogs are in charge!!