12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Riviera Theatre Wine Night, Texas Township Market, Last Chance for Apples and Frozen Pies

We will be open on Friday November 20th and Saturday November 21st, from 10 until 5, then we are really closing for the year. So, last chance to come to the market and stock up.

Apples: Red Rome, Northern Spies, Jonathan, Fuji, Golden and Red Delicious:  All size bags are buy one–get one free until they are gone for the year with the exception of Fuji which are normal priced.

Naturally Grown Produce: Becca has a small table/fridge at World Fare in downtown Three Rivers and stocking it with kale, lettuce, spinach, radishes, onions, leeks, carrots, and more as she harvests this winter. Now that we will be officially closing, we will have some apples there as well. With the winter roads and snow around the market, we think this will be the easiest way for our customers to access fresh produce from the hoophouse.

Becca will be doing a Thanksgiving produce drop-off sometime on Sunday so if you’d like fresh carrots, lettuce, sage, potatoes, or other items, stop by. We’re also happy to reserve items for you and put your name on them in the fridge, just give us a call at 269 244 5690.

Brandy, Wine and Hard Ciders: Available when we are open. If you are interested in a tasting/tour, please contact us to set up an appointment: 269-244-5690.

As you think about your Thanksgiving dinner menu and what beverage will go with all you are preparing,  onsider having our hard cider, a fixture on most dinner tables in this country from its founding until Prohibition (now regaining popularity!). Our hard cider is lower in alcohol than wine, at about 6.5% percent, but has enough acid and tannins to do the job of a Thanksgiving beverage, cleansing and refreshing your palate to get you ready for the next bite, and the next one, and the next one…

If you’d like to sample our products and products from other area wineries, come and see us at the Riveria Theatre’s Wine Night on Saturday, November 21st! It starts at 7pm and we’ll be sampling our wines and ciders.

We’ll also be attending the Texas Township Holiday Market this Saturday from 4pm to 7pm. We will be selling wine, apples, vegetables (carrots, potatoes, onions, kale, etc.), and sage and other herbs. It will be chilly but we hope to see you there!

Maple Syrup and Honey: We will have a limited stock available, if you would like to order ahead, please call us to have it here.

Bakery Pies: The bakery is closed for the year–and we still have frozen apple pies for sale. (with instructions on how to bake yourself) So sorry, but we have been wiped out of the other flavors and only have apple remaining.  But….it is our very best Northern Spy apple pie and would be perfect at your holiday table.

Happenings on the farm: More pruning of apple trees plus we started the grapes.  More pick up of apple bins, signs, baskets, antiques, bench’s, toys and so on—hard to believe we have that much stuff spread out all over. Beth concluded her travel around the state, took many pictures, gained new ideas, met many great folks whose work is dedicated to providing safe, fresh and wholesome  fruits and vegetables and are passionate about sharing that bounty plus the farm experience with others (and who stay awake at night worrying about the same things she does!). Becca passed another few windy days pleased the hoophouse hasn’t blown over yet. All in all, some nice weeks in this pleasantly warm November.

Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  As we reflect on the many traditions this time of year, one is the completion of a successful harvest and the celebration of that. That resonates with us as we are grateful to have our major harvests complete and grateful to have shared them with our customers.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards