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Update on Strawberries and Cherries

Strawberries:  We will continue to have both picked and U-PIck strawberries for a bit longer…but it will be day to day now.  We still have good picking, the berries are just getting a bit smaller as the season winds up.  With the weather cooling down, we might be able to have them through the weekend.   We will not have any special flat pricing available on picked berries—they will be the normal $3.75 a quart.  So before you come to pick or get already picked berries, best to call us and find out what the strawberry situation is:  269-244-5690.

PIcked Cherries:   We now have picked sweet cherries available on the market for sale, they are $5.75 a quart, $3 a pint.   We will have picked sour cherries for $4.00 a quart beginning Friday, June 24th.  Due to having a light cherry crop this year, we will only be able to sell them by the quart, no large orders by the pound.   Cool spring weather and poor pollination has led to a small cherry crop in most of southwest Michigan.

U-Pick Sweet cherries will open on Friday, June 24th.  We have a lighter crop of sweet cherries this year.   We grow about 8 different varieties including black, red, yellow and a few that are multi-colored.    We have lots of yellow sweet cherries this year which are really good.

  • Pricing: 2.25 per pound to pick, over 50 pounds is $2 a pound (same price as last year.)
  • The sweet cherry trees are very tall (15 – 25 feet).
  • Length of the season. Since not all trees ripen at the same time, would expect there to be some for around a week to 10 days depending on weather and how many customers we have.
Great crop of yellow sweet cherries--make sure to try them.

Great crop of yellow sweet cherries–make sure to try them.

U-Pick Sour cherries  will also open on Friday, June 24th, but optimum picking will be June 28th or after. You can pick now, but need to carefully select only those that are ripe as the entire trees  is not ready yet. We have a light crop of tart cherries this year also.    The type of tart cherry we grow is Montmorency.  They are typically used for pies, tarts, or making jelly, but some people like to eat them and enjoy their tartness.

  • Pricing: $1.75 per pound to pick, $1.50 cents per pound for 50 pounds or over. (Same price as last year)
  • The sour cherry trees are about 10 – 20 feet tall.
  • Length of the sour cherry season:  It will depend on the weather and how many people come out each day but would expect them to last around 10 days to 2 weeks.

Other information for U-Pick cherries:

  • U-Pick Hours:  8 – 6 daily, please be finished picking by 5:45 pm to be back to the market by 6pm.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately (closed shoes, long pants and sleeves) as you may run into poison ivy or prickly plants in the orchard area, among other hazards.
  • Please bring your own containers. We have buckets you may borrow to pick in, then you can transfer to your own containers (bowls, tubs, buckets, etc.)
  • Check in at the market first for directions and to weigh the containers you are picking in.
  • Please bring your own ladder as we do not supply ladders.  Some of the best cherries are out of reach and even a small step ladder would be helpful.
  • Our current orchard is an older orchard with very tall trees, so be mindful this is not always the ideal “small children” picking experience, although perched on a parents’ shoulder seems to work!

All for now—we’ll have more info coming out later this week, but wanted to get this information to you on strawberries and fruit…