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Another Year, Another BLT Countdown Begins

Well, winter was here, then it went, then it came again, then there was a lightning storm, and as of today it looks like winter will be returning tomorrow Angel has fallen! With the rainstorms, the farm is as muddy as it is in March and we’re actually looking forward to the return of snow.

As a reminder, you can still purchase fresh spinach, carrots, lettuce, and arugula at World Fare in downtown Three Rivers 김동률 동행 다운로드. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, call before you go to make sure we’ve stocked what you want! Their number is (269) 273-1253. You can also call us at (269) 244-5690 and we’ll harvest it for you and set aside your order to pick up at the farm or at World Fare (you may have to leave a message but we check our voicemail) traffic map.

If you’d like to purchase brandy or hard cider, you can call us to set up an appointment to do that. We also have hard cider on the menu at The Local in Centreville vim plugin. This is a really great restaurant for those of you in the area who are locally-minded. We’re so impressed with their menu and how nice it is working with them, and we appreciate their commitment to sourcing so much of their food from local farms 윈도우10 디펜더 다운로드.

2017 has us all in motion, pruning grapes, finishing getting the pruned branches out of the apple orchard and when the rains kept us in this week, we might have spent more time than normal perusing seed catalogs.  Tomato lovers, rest assured, the greenhouse tomato plants have been started and  we’re about 117 days from the first BLT tp 파일 다운로드! So we leave you with that image rather than a picture of the grey day here at the farm!

We hope your new year is off to a great start and we thank you for buying local 임하영 다운로드.