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Does Agritourism ever sleep?

Many of you know I sometimes take off my Corey Lake Orchard’s hat and put on my Michigan Agritourism hat,  where I serve as President on their Board of Directors.  We have close to 300 members in this great state where agriculture thrives.  This role has allowed me to meet so many of my peers, visit their farms and learn so much from them.  I am amazed at the unique and incredibly fun things these folks do in their agritourism operations.  So I thought I would share something I recently wrote for their website about my winter activities. So click on this link below, and while you are there, check out the Michigan Agritourism website and you may find other places you wish to visit!


PS, thanks to my sister Charlotte, our farm’s beekeeper,  for helping me to edit this–as many of you know from the books she has at our market, she is a very talented writer!    Happy winter to all, Beth