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Monthly Archive: February 2017

We Love You! Thank You for Loving Us!

We were so pleased and grateful to have our customers vote us as “The Best Place to Buy Fruits and Vegetables” in this year’s Reader’s Choice Competition in the Three Rivers Commercial. It is an honor to receive this because it comes from you! Please know we will continue to work hard to keep your trust and loyalty and are looking forward to our 2017 season, our 56th year as a family business.  Thank you! We really do love making you happy with fresh produce.



As a reminder, you can still purchase fresh organic spinach, carrots, kale, lettuce, and arugula at World Fare in downtown Three Rivers. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, call before you go to make sure we’ve stocked what you want! Their number is (269) 273-1253. You can also call us at (269) 244-5690 and we’ll harvest it for you and set aside your order to pick up at the farm or at World Fare (you may have to leave a message but we check our voicemail).

Robin Sighting! Thursday was one of the coldest days here on the farm, even our winter-hardy grape pruning crew decided it was too bad to be out. So imagine our surprise to find the farm’s yard full of robins. Since robins are a harbinger of spring, my seasonal alarm bell went off. Being the second year to witness this phenomena, a little research was in order and here’s what we found out:

“As with many birds, the wintering range of American Robins is affected by weather and natural food supply, but as long as food is available, these birds are able to do well for themselves by staying up north. One reason why they seem to disappear every winter is that their behavior changes. In winter robins form nomadic flocks, which can consist of hundreds to thousands of birds. Usually these flocks appear where there are plentiful fruits on trees and shrubs, such as crabapples, hawthorns, holly, juniper, and others. When spring rolls around, these flocks split up. Suddenly we start seeing American Robins yanking worms out of our yards again, and it’s easy to assume they’ve “returned” from migration. But what we’re seeing is the switch from being nonterritorial in the winter time to aggressively defending a territory in advance of courting and raising chicks. This behavioral switch is quite common in birds.”    Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Exploring and Conserving Nature


So of course it makes perfect sense that they too found our farm to be “the best place to get fruits!”  After enjoying grapes still hanging on the fine, the occasional apple in a tree and the many wild berries growing, they were gone. 


Other happenings on the farm:  We are on pace with our grape pruning and will actually start tying the vines to the wire trellis earlier than usual, on every day that is above 40 degrees, which seems to be the new normal for February. The greenhouse is ready to go, with all of the supplies coming in next week, including the little tomato plants. We would sure like to see more days with some sun once they arrive as would most of you. We’ve been taking advantage of the winter’s slower pace to get away and update our knowledge.  Beth is back from 3 days of Tree Fruit School, Becca is back from 3 days of hard cider school, and Brenda is attending the update on the new Food Safety laws that come out in 2018. Our brains and notebooks are full!

Tomato plants which are growing nicely in Shram's greenhouse in Portage

Tomato plants which are growing nicely in Shram’s greenhouse in Portage

Happy February and thanks as always for buying local!