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March Madness, and Not Just in Basketball!

“Bad weather always looks worse through a window.” –Thomas Andrew, retired American singer-songwriter, satirist, and mathematician. 

This year’s weather continues to be a popular conversation item 코리안즈 다운로드. Those who don’t like the winter cold seem to be ecstatic, winter snow-lovers feel like they didn’t get their fill but were elated to see the ground covered this morning gaon chart. And what about that wind last week?  We worried incessantly about our greenhouse structures blowing away….but they held their ground.

Wherever we are lately, everyone is asking, “Aren’t you worried about this weather?” We have looked out our farm windows this winter, checked on-line forecasts frequently and even looked at old fashioned thermometers all over the farm, but not any more than normal Naver Notepad. Being aware of the weather and its consequences comes with the territory and we have learned to “weather” the storms. We are thankful for all of you who are worrying for us and sending positive thoughts our way Neat ppt free download. So while the weather has been unusual for sure, there is nothing to be concerned about yet. The fruit trees and vines are coming out of their winter’s rest, but they are getting another good nap in this week for sure SimCity 3000. We aren’t putting our snow shovels away or changing the snowplow for a regular plow yet!

The big bird was one of the first things to fall down in the extreme winds

Our greenhouse is thriving due to the unusually warm and sunny February days (and we were grateful to save heating costs) 황산벌 다운로드. The tomato plants are planted and growing well, and what has been seeded for the hoophouse and fields is sprouting quickly. The UPS man is again a regular in our driveway delivering seeds and farm supplies 쏠캘린더 다운로드. We are buckled down in some detailed planning as we gear up for another season, so already we find ourselves busy with nearly no time to look out the window at the weather faststone image viewer 다운로드!

See how much the tomato plants and grand daughter Emma Grace are growing.

As a reminder, you can still purchase fresh organic spinach, carrots, kale, lettuce, and arugula at World Fare in downtown Three Rivers 카카오 그룹 다운로드. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, call before you go to make sure we’ve stocked what you want! We just restocked yesterday! mock test site! Their number is (269) 273-1253. You can also call us at (269) 244-5690 and we’ll harvest it for you and set aside your order to pick up at the farm or at World Fare (you may have to leave a message but we check our voicemail).

Carrot overload!  What to do when the hoop house produces too many sweet carrots?  Process and put them away for a spring bakery debut!

Becca and Michaela processing fresh carrots–stay tuned this spring for something tasty to be baked with them!

One of the things we like to do when we are traveling about is to check out our competition. In particular we like to look at labels and pricing, but also do some taste testing. Becca recently tasted 30 different regional ciders on a trip to Oregon.  When in Lansing last week, I was amazed at the number of hard ciders carried at Horrock’s, including our own. It was fun to talk to hard cider enthusiasts who were shopping that day and sample what they had at their tasting bar on tap. It’s hard for us to say this, but from a humble perspective–we really believe the taste of our hard ciders is up there with the best of the best.

Two aisles of hard ciders at Horrock’s in Lansing!

Four of our hard ciders standing tall at Horrock’s large display.

From Becca: I tried another 20-30 ciders when she went to CiderCon in Chicago in February. It was such a nice event this year and I love the professional development the United States Cider Association does. Of course, it also encouraged me to get in gear for a lot of production. I’m really excited for a Maple/Vanilla cider that I’ll bottle up in a few weeks for sale during asparagus season, as well as for sale at a few local bars and stores. We’re also going to do some of our most popular ciders (Preach, Blueberry, Hometown Hero) in cans this year. People have been asking, so, we’ll certainly try it.

Here’s hoping your winter (or spring) is going well and we can’t wait for another season to begin–everyone at Corey Lake