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Asparagus Sighting, Blossoms Bursting, and We’re Planting Planting Planting

We anticipate opening on Monday May 1st for the 2017 season with our normal daily hours of 8 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week, including holidays! We are seeing some asparagus pushing through the ground and the rhubarb is actually ready (surprise!), so we hope to have both on opening day Special Soldier Download. Please check back as it could be early or late. We will also have organic lettuce and spinach, and possibly a few other things.

Straw for sale: We purchased some extra bales of straw for your mulching and garden needs. They are $6/bale or 4 bales for $20. Call us and we can set up a time for you to pick up if you need it before we open.  269-244-5690 윈도우 10 rs5 다운로드.

Bedding plants: We will be stocking vegetables, flower annuals, and tomato plants as they are ready for planting, along with seed potatoes and onion sets. So as you think about your garden needs, you can plan on getting your plants here Download the cave story.

The bakery will open for the year on Friday, May 5th, and yes, they will be making donuts that day. (Reminder: we make our cake donuts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.) More to come on the offerings they will have for that weekend. Also, not too early to think about placing bakery orders for Mother’s Day, which is Sunday May 14th History Boys.

We are currently harvesting lettuce, spinach, arugula, carrots, and kale in our certified organic hoophouse. You can pick any of that up at World Fare in downtown Three Rivers (the fridge is in the back) or you can call us to make an appointment to pick it up here 마인크래프트 평지맵 다운로드. We harvest and restock the fridge every week! We’re doing our last organic winter kale harvest tomorrow, so pick some up in the next few days if you want some before our spring kale comes in (probably mid-May) 타바코 다운로드.

Becca gave me a late afternoon sample of her new hard cider (Afternoon Cider), a semi-sweet cider made with chamomile, rooibos tea, and a touch of strawberry. I really enjoyed ending my office afternoon with it 더블유 4회 다운로드.

Becca has been locked away in the cidery for many hours this winter and spring and will be introducing some interesting new ciders when we open as well as we will have some of your favorites from last year. First off the bottling line:

  • Brunch Cider, a new cider Tech Man! Made with vanilla and Michigan maple syrup. Currently on tap at The Local in Centreville and also being poured at The Riviera in Three Rivers and the Appoloni’s by Corey Lake
  • Strawberry Cider, made with our strawberries Download the design font. We had this one last year and if you loved it and just can’t wait for it, you can get a pour at the Appoloni’s by Corey Lake or make an appointment to grab some here 네코랜드 스튜디오 다운로드.

And, we still have some hard ciders that we bottled near the end of the season last year, including our Ginger, Hometown Hero, Sweet, and Dry ciders.

If you are a hard cider enthusiast, this week is Grand Rapids Cider Week, including the Blue Bridge Festival. Becca will be there along with a few of our hard ciders. The weather is looking perfect (for which Becca is quite grateful), so feel free to come out and enjoy a nice day and the best of Michigan hard cider.




Happenings on the farm:

A drive down Corey Lake Road will allow you to take in the beauty of cherries and peaches blossoming.  One of the most spectacular showings this year is our pear orchard.  Blossom time is one of our favorite times of the year for sure.  It is breathtaking.



We finished laying close to 40 rows of black plastic mulch which will be used for all of our vegetable plantings, melons, and tomatoes.   We have all of our cold crop plants ready to go in: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, and brussel sprouts.   Due to the popularity of the purple cauliflower we planted more this year!


We have started planting the onions (got rained out) which will take up 23 rows! A mere 45,000 of them, red, yellow and white sweet onions plus shallots. It takes us about two full days to get them all planted using a transplanting machine, which digs the hole through the plastic and waters them after we put them in.



Today we started clipping up the tomatoes to support their weight so they don’t break the stem!  What a joy to see so many tomatoes and blossoms!




Our popular lettuce pots have been planted and should be ready for Mother’s Day.   Peggy, who coordinates all the gift items we carry and other Michigan made products is making sure everything gets here for your Mother’s Day shopping.  She will give you a list of all the possibilities next week.


Teri and Terri

Most of our staff has started to make their way back for the year and getting everything ready for our opening: wiping away the winter’s dust, preparing and planting our many market gardens and pots, getting market and bakery supplies in. Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local and will see you soon.