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Ready or not, that’s the question….

Our official opening date for the market is still Monday May 1st for the 2017 season with our normal daily hours of 8 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week, including holidays! But….we actually opened yesterday after we finished our first asparagus picking. So, if you want your first taste of it for the year, come on over this weekend.  We are selling it for now in 1, 2 and 3 pound bags until it begins to come in heavier. We hopefully will have enough to get through the weekend, but we recommend you call before you drive out to make sure we have it, as it is selling fast (269-244-5690) 가맹점 다운로드.

With the cool weather forecast, we won’t be able to pick again until it warms up, so there’s good chance when we officially open on Monday, that we won’t have any asparagus.  And when will it be ready again?  Well, that really is the question and totally weather dependent!

Asparagus pricing is the same as last year: $2.25 a pound, 10# or more in bulk, goes to $2.00 a pound. If you want to call and place an order, we’ll call you back when we can fill larger quantities. 269-244-5690 내 연애의 기억 다운로드.

Asparagus popping out of the ground when it was warm this week.

Rhubarb is ready!  Available now for $2.50 a pound.

Bedding plants: We are starting to bring in “cold crop” plants, which you can plant in your garden now. These include: cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, various lettuce varieties, broccoli, chard, and spinach.  We also have a few seed potatoes and onion sets for sale.  When it gets warmer, we will start bringing in the other flower plants, vegetables and tomato plants 극한직업 무료 다운로드. It really is too early to put any thing like cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes in yet–they are heat loving and can get stunted at temperatures like the ones we’ll see next week.

Flats of vegetable plants shivering in today's cold.

Flats of vegetable plants shivering in the cool wind Free download of Clash of Clans.

Hanging Baskets:  We have brought a few of these in, but lots more to come, right now they are tucked inside the barn staying warm!

Organic Produce: Lettuce, spinach, arugula, radishes and carrots, grown in our organically certified hoophouse.

Bakery Update: Our bakery will open for the season on Friday, May 5th! By the number of phone calls we have received there seems to be a pent-up demand for our donuts!  Feel free to call and order what you would like for Mother’s Day, 269-244-5690 인스타그램 pc 사진 다운로드.

Alcohol offerings: We have our full range of brandy for sale. We want to congratulate our distiller, Bruce Ruesink, for winning a “Best In Class” award for our Pear Brandy at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. We’ve never entered a competition before and to get such a nice award the first time felt really special, although we also admit in our eyes, our customers are our most important judges 벅스 뮤직 mp3 다운로드. What you think of our products matters more to us than anything.

We also have cherry wine, as well as: Strawberry Cider (the 2017 edition of the cider many of you liked last year), Sweet Cider, Ginger Cider, Dry Cider, Hometown Hero, and our Brunch Cider, a new cider! Made with vanilla and Michigan maple syrup. If you are fixing breakfast for Mother’s Day, try this — instead of mimosas.  Currently on tap at The Local in Centreville and also being poured at The Riviera in Three Rivers and the Appoloni’s by Corey Lake 어쿠루브 다운로드. Brandy room tours and tastings won’t be available for a few weeks. Check back as we get everything together for the year.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th this year.

  • If you a on a quest for a unique gift for Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or other person who has nurtured you as a mother would, allow us at Corey Lake Orchards Market to assist you in that search rpm 의존성 다운로드.
  • Looking for a gift from nature? Peruse the variety of pretty flower arrangements already planted in fun containers (made by our own creative Teri) or lettuce bowls for a salad that continues to grow through the season or purchase bedding plants from flowers to herbs to veggies and create your own potted design.
  • Another gift idea is using our fresh produce.  We can tie raffia to make an asparagus or rhubarb bouquet for your favorite cook. Organic greens, a favorite pcap 다운로드? How about a bag of lettuce, or spinach with a salad spinner to clean the greens in the easiest most efficient way?  (If she doesn’t own a salad spinner, these are a must have)
  • Seeking a gift inspired by nature,?  Check out the ceramic work by Mollie whose whimsical bowls were in the market last season. This year we also have single stem flowers for hanging that will serve as a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.
  • If the smell of fresh baked goods is a favorite, consider the options from the bakery Windows 10 Java download. Think muffins, donuts, dessert bars, pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, pies, cookies, bread, and more. What could be more comforting than a basket of baked goods?
  • For Mother’s Day (and for any day that you need a gift) Peggy is happy to help make a basket up for you, starting at $10 and adding in what you want.  So whether you choose plants, market produce, baked goods, adult beverages, local condiments of honey, maple syrup, or spicy mustard or one of our select gift items, a basket can be the perfect present. We at Corey Lake enjoy working with you to share the gifts that celebrate the seasons of life.  Call and talk to Peggy, or leave a message for her to call you back, and she will create just what you need in the price range you desire.  (269-244-5690).

Here’s some of the gift baskets Peggy created last summer.

Happenings on the farm:

Clean, scrub, sweep and repeat.   The crew has been in high gear getting the market and bakery ready for the year.  Brooms and bleach bottles were everywhere today!

Granddaughter Emma Grace wiping down the slide for the play area.

We planted, planted, planted:  30 rows of sweet corn which if Mother Nature cooperates will hit on the 4th of July, green beans, and all of our cold crop plants.

Planting cauliflower plants

We did some spring time pruning:  taking dead wood out of the blueberry bushes and our orchards, our version of “spring cleaning.”

Pruning blueberry bushes

We got very excited about seeing the strawberries blooming and being pollinated by the bees.  Check back with us at the end of May to see when strawberry season will begin.

Becca got especially excited when a truck of compost for her organic fields came! 30 cubic yards from Sturgis. Looking at her you’d think it was her birthday.

Spring is a hectic, fast-paced season for us.  That’s one of the reasons why we all enjoy the beauty of the blossoms, it does cause us to stop, breathe, and appreciate.

Sunrise out in the blooming apple orchard

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local and will see you soon.