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And the Heat Goes On….

….and so do we. This week’s heat has caused everything to ripen quickly and all at once.  Which means working longer in this heat to harvest! It means keeping the irrigation running around the clock to keep everything watered and alive. And it means worrying about what we can’t irrigate (our orchards and vineyards). So if we seem tired, we are!!  So how can you help? By purchasing those items that we have too many of due to the heat: strawberries, lettuce, kale, broccoli and kohlrabi for starters. Haven’t tried kohlrabi before? This is the time to try. And there is nothing like fresh picked broccoli, we have it in heads or florets.  We thank you in advance if you can work these into your upcoming menu!

Strawberries: Due to the heat, it will be a short season.  At this point we forecast U-Pick strawberries going through Sunday June 18th, and then will re-assess after that.  We hope to have picked berries available one more full week, hoping we might have them through June 24th. Of course, it depends on the weather.

  • Already picked berries are $3.75 a quart, or $28 for an 8 quart flat. We try to have these on hand for the entire day, but usually run out by the end of the day. We are picking the Jewel variety right now, which are large, sweet and beautiful.  Feel free to call us to save some if you want. We have called everyone back now who placed an order for flats of strawberries, if you did not get a call, please contact us.
  • U-Pick strawberries: available every day at 8 am until noon (unless we pick out earlier). We are planning on continuing through Sunday June 18th. After that, check back with us.
  • Berry picking ready for tomorrow

What else we have on the market now:

  • Rhubarb: This also is coming to an end.
  • Greenhouse Cucumbers
  • Greenhouse Tomatoes
  • Some of our U-Pick Herbs are readyFind bags and scissors for cutting herbs around the neck of the bird overlooking the herb garden. A list of what is ready is posted at the market.
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kohlrabi
  • Asparagus–we have just a few pounds left and it will be gone for the year

    Asparagus field has gone to ferns to make next year’s crop

Organic Produce: Lettuce, kale, collards, garlic scapes and carrots, grown in our organically certified hoophouse and at our organic schoolhouse garden. A few cucumbers too and pints of sungold cherry tomatoes too! (Just starting to come in.) Look for the bright organic sign located by the market cooler where we keep this produce fresh.

Never tried garlic scapes? These are the green tops of the garlic that we remove to help encourage the garlic to grow bigger bulbs. They taste like garlic and can be used similarly, or can be blended into a pesto, or can be stir fried with your vegetables, or…whatever you want, really! They’re so good

Bakery Update: We’d like to acknowledge all of the fathers this weekend and wish you a Happy Father’s Day. All fathers get a free cake donut from our bakery on Friday, Saturday or Sunday! This weekend we will have our strawberry glaze pies again and we also make shortcakes daily to pair with your strawberries. (Whipped cream in the cooler!) If you would like us to save something for you feel free to call us at 269-244-5690 and we will gladly set it back for you!

Bakery offerings for the weekend will be:

  • Cookies: Cut Out Sugar, Monster (chocolate chips, M&M’s peanut butter and oatmeal), Iced Lemon, Peanut Butter, Ginger Molasses, Smores, and Cherry White Chocolate Chip
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Glaze and Pecan (made these pecan pies for a great Father’s day gift!)
  • Bread: Whole Wheat, Cinnamon, Italian, Whole Grain, Vegetables and Tuscan, as well as Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns. We are partnering again with La Brea bakery this year and will have the following breads: Semolina Cheese, Roasted Garlic Loaf, and Jalapeño Cheese
  • Cinnamon Rolls and Pecan Sticky Buns
  • Assorted Dessert Bars
  • Muffins: Banana Nut, Blueberry, Lemon Poppyseed, Pistachio, and Strawberry
  • Donuts: We will have our Blueberry, Buttermilk, and Cherry Cake Donuts available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We will also have Cherry Fritters, Vanilla Fluff Longjohns, Yeast Twists, Bavarian Cream (Custard) Longjohns, Raspberry Bismarks, and Yeast Rings (available all week)
  • Slushies

Alcohol offerings: We have our full range of brandy for sale. We also have cherry wine, as well as: Strawberry Cider (the 2017 edition of the cider many of you liked last year), Sweet Cider, Ginger Cider, Dry Cider, Hometown Hero, Bark Bite, Brunch Cider, and Afternoon Cider.

We also have a Prince Tribute Cider we launched last week in honor of Prince’s birthday made with plum, honey, and vanilla. Becca was a really big Prince fan and much of the hard cider you enjoy was brewed with his music playing in her headphones. Curious? Come to our hard cider happy hour on Friday from 4-6 or Saturday from 3-6 if you want a growler or a sample before you buy! Of course, we are a small family market so bear with us as we try and figure out the best way to do this and keep the atmosphere you know and love! We look forward to seeing you. It is really wonderful sitting in the breeze enjoying a cold cider on these weekend afternoons.

And of course, we have our usual brandy house tours with Bruce from 1-3 on Saturdays.

Happenings on the farm:

We watched the cherries turn from green to gold, red and black. While they look ready, they are not quite.  We will try to pick a few sweet cherries this weekend for the market. Check back on June 22 and we’ll try to figure out when u-pick sweet cherries might start. The tart cherries are another week away, check back around June 26th on those.

We drank water, picked strawberries, and repeated for many hours every day. As you drive by you will see we have staked our tomatoes, the plants are coming along nicely, blooming and setting fruit. We picked so much broccoli because it all got ready at the same time, over 300 heads on one day!

One of the questions our customers ask frequently is how we keep unwanted pests out of our fields….as they relay the tales of how rabbits, deer, raccoons, etc. are eating their gardens up. The answer: We don’t!  We have the same problems you do. We have the luxury of more space than most gardeners do so we plant extra knowing we will lose some. This year has been particularly difficult, each of the flags in this picture shows where an animal ate a tomato plant, so far we have replanted 400….not happily either!

We want to thank all of you for coming out this week, picking berries or buying produce in this heat. Also a huge thanks to everyone who works here for your perseverance in these conditions.

Doesn’t the inner child in all of us want to pick up a large juicy berry and savor it like this little customer did?!!!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards sends our best wishes to all of the fathers and we as always, appreciate your buying local.







Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local!