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Peach Mania Continues

We picked more peaches this week than in any single week ever in the 50 plus years of the farm. Whew, we are tired. The peaches reached peak production this week, and with the heat, all of our mid-season peaches got ready at the same time. Due to this, we have a peach special of $12 a peck, $24 a half bushel, and $48 a bushel. This special is on through the weekend unless we run out sooner. So if you haven’t had your fill of fresh peaches, don’t delay. Due to lack of rain, they are very sweet this year. We have Coral Stars, Loring, and Glo Haven available. If you’d like to try one before you get some, please ask one of our clerks and we are happy to provide samples.

Update 8-21:  We are no longer running our peach special and do not have any more bushels unless you had them ordered in advance.  We do have them in quarts and peck bags 산돌고딕 네오2 다운로드.

Here’s what is on the market now:

    • Peaches: by the quart, peck, or bushels (please call to order bushels) 269-244-5690.
    • Picked Blueberries: by pint, quart, 5 lb. and 10 lb. box.  This is the end of the blueberries and we expect to have them only for a few more days. Updated 8-21:  Gone for the season
    • Earli-Blaze Apples–we picked them today. This is our best summer apple.  It is a crunchy, mildly tart apple that is good for eating or cooking.  We will be using them to make apple pies in the bakery as it is one of only two apple varieties that we bake with.
    • Jersey Mac Apples (by the bushel or in smaller quantities) a summer apple which is like a Macintosh, soft skin and flesh, mildly tart
    • Apple Update 8-21:  We are now bringing in Mollie’s delicious, Ginger Gold and Paula Red apples, available by the pound and small bags Resin Comics.
    • Canteloupe and Watermelon: Just starting to come on
    • Broccoli
    • Brussels Sprouts
    • Zucchini
    • Yellow Squash
    • Spaghetti Squash
    • Field Tomatoes
    • Green Tomatoes
    • Field Cucumbers
    • Onions:
    • Peppers–all kinds and colors from sweet to hot
    • Eggplant
    • Potatoes:  Red Norland and Yukon Gold and Blue Adirondack – fresh dug!
    • Green Beans
    • Sweet Corn — incredibly sweet right now, by the dozen or bushel
    • U-Pick Herbs

Certified Organic Produce: 

  • Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – super sweet, like candy!
  • Garlic! Becca went big planting garlic last year and we have a lot of very interesting varieties. Generally we grow two types, Porcelain (slightly less flavor but a much better keeper) and Rocambole (amazing flavor, only keeps until December or so). We grow a lot of varieties within these groups so check out Becca’s notes in the market.
  • Lettuce, though it’s lagging from the hot weather arcview gis 3.2. Lettuce is often a bit slow in August due to the sun and heat. Call ahead and have us save you some if you know you want it – 269 244 5690.
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Collards
  • Cucumbers
  • Roma Paste tomatoes, Slicer tomatoes
  • Eggplant – check out the Listada di Gandia, with its purple and white striped flesh. Very tender skin, excellent flavor, and just gorgeous color
  • Peppers
  • Tomatillos
  • Basil

U-Pick opportunities: We currently do not have any thing for you to pick right now. Waiting on grapes (late September) and apples.

Our next U-Pick fruit opportunity will be when fall apples and grapes arrive. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to apple season.

Bakery Update: We are happy to have fresh apples to bake with, so many of you have been wanting apple pie! Just call us at 269-244-5690 for bread orders or anything else you would like to order to make sure we have.

We will be making fresh apple pie tonight!

Bakery offerings for the weekend will be:

  • Cookies: Zucchini Chocolate Chip, Cut Out Sugar, Monster (chocolate chips, M&M’s peanut butter and oatmeal), Iced Lemon, Peanut Butter, Ginger Molasses, S’mores, and Cherry White Chocolate Chip
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Peachy Berry, Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry Rhubarb Download the Disney Aladdin game. We will also have Peach Glaze pie available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Bread: Blueberry-Zucchini, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon, Italian, Whole Grain, Honey Oat, Vegetable and Tuscan, as well as Hamburger Buns and Hot Dog Buns. We are partnering again with La Brea bakery this year and will have the following breads: Semolina Cheese, Roasted Garlic Loaf, Sourdough, and Jalapeño Cheese
  • Cinnamon Rolls and Pecan Sticky Buns
  • Assorted Dessert Bars
  • Muffins: Banana Nut, Blueberry, Lemon Poppyseed, Pistachio, Raisin Bran, Chocolate, and Cherry Almond. 
  • Donuts: We will have our Blueberry, Buttermilk, and Cherry Cake Donuts available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will also have Cherry Fritters, Vanilla Fluff Longjohns, Yeast Twists, Bavarian Cream (Custard) Longjohns, Raspberry Bismarks, and Yeast Rings (available all week)
  • Slushies – Grape

Alcohol offerings: Afternoon, Cherry/Sage, Blueberry, Sweet Cider, Ginger, Hopped, and Preach! Yes, last year’s crowd favorite, our pear/peach cider, is back in stock! We have cherry wine and Kaiser Cyser as well. We’ll have a few additional ciders on tap during our hard cider happy hour. This weekend we’ll have hard cider tastings:

  • Friday from 4-6
  • Saturday from 3-6

Stop on by to sample some cider illustration 2017. On tap right now: Black Currant/Cacao, Afternoon, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry/Sage, Rhubarb, Brunch, and Hopped ciders. If we run out of one thing, we may replace it with something else, so get it while you can! During tasting hours, feel free to bring your own clean 32 oz. or 64 oz. growler if you’d like one filled, or buy a new growler here at the market to take home fresh draft cider. And of course, we have our usual brandy house tours with Bruce from 1-3 on Saturdays, and full range of brandy offerings.

Fruit and vegetable update and forecast: To order please call us on 269-244-5690

  • Sweet Corn: We have plenty coming in now, if you are looking for large quantities to freeze or for a large gathering, we have it by the bushel. Bushel pricing (5 dozen) is $20. It helps us if you can call and pre-order as we pick daily to make sure it is fresh. We have planted enough sweet corn to have it through the month of August, if the weather cooperates.
  • Plums: We do not have a very large crop of plums and will not be able to have any by the bushel this year web icon.
  • Bartlett Pears: We have a good pear crop which looks like they will be ready the week of August 21st. Bushels will be $35 of sorted and sized pears. If you want bushels to can, please call and get added to our list.
  • Tomatoes: We are now bringing in tomatoes from the field. We are taking bushel orders for “firsts” and “seconds” tomatoes which are blemished but great for salsa, juice, etc. We are almost to the end of our wait list for those desiring bushels. If you want to be added, please give us a call. We will not be able to offer U-Pick tomatoes at this time, but will evaluate in late August and may be able to offer U-PIck then. Picked tomatoes will be $20 a bushel (for first quality). If you need a lot of tomatoes (3 bushel or more) -we will offer a quantity discount of $18 a bushel for firsts. Seconds will be $14 a bushel.
  • Apples: We have a good crop of apples this year and will provide an update closer to fall Hidden Singer 4.
  • Grapes: The Concord grapes are beginning to turn color. We have a good crop of both Concord (purple) and Niagara (white) grapes. These are usually ready the last week of September of first week of October.


Happenings on the farm:

This has been a huge harvest week again as the summer bounty is upon us. As we update this post we frankly are a little tired of the heat, really-really wishing it would rain, and just plain tired! But we’ve been here before and we will be here again. Thanks to all of you for coming out; watching peach juice drip down your face, telling us this was the best cantaloupe you ever ate, that you consumed the entire box of sungold tomatoes before you got home and that you had to come back for another pie because the first one was is already gone (and dinner hasn’t even been served!) is what keeps us going!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards appreciates you buying local, and we hope to see you soon.



Our family is committed to this area and are working to support the community in every way that we can to have it be the vibrant town of yesteryear. Here is the weekly update from Dave Vago, Executive Director of DDA, Three Rivers.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s getting to be my favorite time of summer. We’re a few weeks past the solstice, and the great, golden hour of the evening is at its most golden this time of year naver stickers. In August, it happens to occur during the evening hours when it’s natural to be out strolling the sidewalk of an historic Main Street like the one we’ve got in Three Rivers. As such, I find myself hard pressed not to do just that, and our drinking and dining establishments are helping to keep me fed and watered in the process. It also means that our biggest event season in downtown Three Rivers is just around the corner, with HarmonyFest headlining. If you’re not familiar with it, HarmonyFest is an all-afternoon music festival where we close off our Main Street block, put up a bandstand, and play music for ten hours straight in celebration of the great mix of people we’ve got here. This year’s lineup includes blues, rock, gospel and bluegrass acts, as well as a variety of kids activities, food and arts & crafts vendors, and a very classy beer garden which will include some of Corey Lake’s fine cider Sands B. The event takes place on September 3rd – Labor Day Sunday – and runs from 1pm to 11pm. It’s our community’s second largest event after Water Festival. The preceding Friday evening, September 1st, we’re hosting the next of our First Friday events. This one will be all about local pride, and if you or someone you love has ties to our hometown team, the Wildcats, we’d be happy to have you join us between 5 and 8 as we decorate Main Street in the team’s colors of purple and white in preparation for Homecoming two weeks later. Look for “Paint the Town Purple in Three Rivers” on Facebook. The Marching Band and pep squad will be out, and it should be a great time. The fun will continue with more First Fridays in the fall, including a 50s fall festival where we backdate downtown, bring out the hula hoops and country yard games, and encourage you to dress back in time ug nx11. If you’re still in the area then, we hope you’ll come out. As always, our businesses are open and ready to have you, and if you’d like to stay up on what we’re doing, stay tuned to this newsletter and watch “Downtown Three Rivers” on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you here!
Best, Dave