12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

One Last Saturday: December 16th from 11 to 3

We apologize for the confusion in last week’s update about which Saturdays we are open. We have one last Saturday remaining and it is December 16th from 11 to 3. However, we are happy to meet any day at your convenience – just call us in advance to pick up things that you may want for the holiday – fresh apples, a bottle of our wine, a 6-pack of our hard ciders or a pie you can bake in your oven egg! (269) 244-5690.

Happenings OFF the farm:  This week three generations of our farm family attended the Great Lakes Expo, which is one of the largest (and best!) conferences held annually. Michaela and her mother Patti attended the bakery sessions, Brenda attended the farm market and agritourism sessions as well as the bus tour of five farm markets, Becca dashed between the hard cider and organic classes and Beth attended the sweet cider and the fruit and vegetable sessions. And since it is never too early to start, granddaughter Emma Grace came along, too. There is also a large trade show where we saw the latest technology in farm and bakery equipment, fruit and vegetable packaging, greenhouse construction, soil, fertilizers, seeds, fruit trees and so much more. We look forward to this opportunity each December to get away from the farm and be immersed in learning and networking with several thousand of our peers. While our heads are still reeling from so much information, over the winter we’ll digest it as we begin our planning for our 2018 season and beyond 유튜브 구매한 영화 다운로드.

Brenda and Beth at the Agritourism booth

Beth looking at a new mini cider press

Emma Grace testing out the barrel train while sampling a yogurt smoothie

Here’s what we still have (until they run out!) for our final Saturday or for an appointment pick up.

  • Baked goods: frozen take and bake pies in many flavors
  • Apples, see list below of what we still have
  • Organics: garlic, kale, spinach, lettuce
  • Alcohol products: We’ll also have hard cider, brandy, wine, and if you want to try before you buy, come to tasting on Saturday the 16th from 1-3. Bruce is hosting it in the warmth of the bakery 세번째 살인 다운로드.
  • Other: honey, maple syrup, meat.

End of Season apple specials:

  • Buy any size bag of apples and get a free bag of Golden Delicious apples the same size (1 free bag per customer–of the largest size bag you purchased). In other words, buy a 1/2 bushel of Romes, a peck of Jonathan, and take a free 1/2 bu bag of Golden Delicious.

Picked Apples on the market:  Apples are going fast so don’t delay…. Siemens nx.

  • Jonathan: Pretty and popular, used for fresh eating and cooking, a favorite for apple butter and taffy apples.
  • Northern Spy: The professional baker’s dream, cooks up well in applesauce, pie and other dishes.
  • Red Delicious: America’s most popular apple “back in the day.” Best for fresh eating and snacks 월간순정 노자키군 다운로드. Full-flavored sweet taste.
  • Golden Delicious: A gingery-smooth, sweet taste under a thin skin. It’s the most popular yellow apple, good eaten fresh, baked or cut in salads.
  • Fuji: Has a fantastic sweet flavor and tart flavor, with a low acid content.  An incredibly good keeper, it says crisp for weeks without even being in the refrigerator 행복하지 말아요 다운로드.
  • Red Rome:  A big, round very red apple, mild sweet flavor. Holds it shape and flavor when baked.

Apple Cider is gone for the year, we all miss that for sure!  Our bakery is now closed for the year, so sorry, no donuts, cookies, muffins, just “take and bake” pies from the freezer.

Many of you have asked where you can get our hard cider during our off-season. The Local Bar in Centreville has a great bottle selection and usually stocks five or more of our ciders 멜론 곡 다운로드. The Riviera Bar in Three Rivers also carries a few of our ciders, and we’ll be reaching out to some more stores now that we’re mostly done at the market.  You are always welcome to schedule a time to drop by and buy some wine, brandy, and hard cider as well – 269-244-5690.

Animal apples:  We have our apple “seconds” available for purchase at $5 a bushel, bring your own containers please 쿠키 요미 다운로드.

Free Pallets:  If you would like some, give us a call and we can make arrangements to get them for you.

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local and hopes you are having a good December.


***Storing Apples:

Apples are best kept in your refrigerator, preferably the crisper drawer or in an unsealed plastic bag 아이클라우드 동영상 다운로드. Refrigerate apples separately from vegetables because apples naturally release small amounts of ethylene gas that can be damaging to lettuce and other produce. If you have a root cellar, you can keep larger amounts there if it is cool, dry and dark.

For every 10 degrees above 30°F, the apples’ lifespan decreases dramatically Flash fairy tale download. You do not want the apples’ temperature to fall below 30°F, however, because that will make them freeze and turn to mush when they’re thawed. Their cell walls will all collapse. Therefore, apples are best stored somewhere around 30-35°F, in a humid environment.

If storing apples in the fridge, place them inside a crisper drawer and lay a slightly dampened paper towel on top of the apples. Apples are one of the few fruits that really do benefit from being stored in the fridge as quickly as possible. Keep them in the crisper drawer with aforementioned damp paper towel, or else keep them in perforated plastic bags in a cold shed or cellar.

There is trust to that old adage: “One bad apple rots the whole bunch.” Apples give off a lot of ethylene gas, and so just one bruised and rotting apple will give off enough to swiftly ripen (and rot) the others. If you have any bruises or soft spots on an apple, set it aside for eating. Don’t store with the other apples.

Ultimately, if you’re planning on storing a lot of apples for the winter, look for firm, long-lasting apples. These are usually thick-skinned, tart apples. We recommend storing Rome or Fuji, properly stored they will last until spring