12147 Corey Lake Road, Three Rivers, Michigan (269) 244-5690

Spring Greetings and 2019 Season Opening Information

Spring greetings to all!  We are busy preparing to officially open for the 2019 season on Friday, May 3rd. 

Depending on Mother Nature over the next several weeks, we could open earlier if asparagus is ready Download The Animal Forest to hang out into town.    You will be the first to know if we have an asparagus sighting!

The winter season always gives us time to reflect on our business.  While the winter tasks of maintaining equipment and pruning keep us busy (and we’re still not finished!), we take time to attend conferences and educational sessions to keep up on this ever changing world of agriculture and regulatory compliance.  Brenda and Beth visited some amazing farms in Florida, Michigan and Indiana, grateful for our peers who opened their farms and shared with us what works and what doesn’t work.  We look forward to sharing our new ideas and operational changes as the season unfolds KaliLinux Metaspflow!

Our first major change is that Corey Lake Orchards will now be closed every Tuesday.  We are sharing this with you in advance, and will share it every chance we get so that all of you know.  As a small family business, we have begun to realize that to best serve our customers with an exceptional product and experience, we need a down day once per week to regroup, reorganize, and re-energize White Day Mobile Download.

The bakery will re-open for the year on Friday, May 3th, and yes, they will be making donuts that day. (Reminder: we only make cake donuts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.)  More to come next week on the offerings for opening weekend and specials for Mother’s Day Weekend (Sunday, May 12) so that you can place your Mother’s Day orders 라데온 카탈리스트 다운로드.

Bedding plants: We will be stocking vegetables, flower annuals, and tomato plants as we normally do.  So as you think about your garden needs, plan on getting your plants here.  We hope to have most of our plants available on opening weekend 달빛조각사 46권 텍본 다운로드.

Straw: We have extra bales of straw available for your mulching needs. Straw is $6/bale or 4 bales for $20. If you need these before we officially open, just call us and we’ll set up a time to meet you.  269-244-5690 트와일라잇1 다운로드.

Happenings on the farm:

We got our potatoes planted last week on one of those nice days before it rained.  We planted our favorites:  Red Norland and Yukon Gold’s!  So ready for the taste of a new potato fresh out of the ground Download amd driver.

Potato planter loaded and ready to go.

Seven long rows of potatoes finished!

If you drive by, you’ll see the straw has been spread on the strawberry fields, which serves as a weed mulch, keeps the berries cleaner by not having them touch the soil, and makes it much more comfortable for those who get right down on their hands and knees when they pick!  Our thanks to David, Tomas, Amy and Liv for getting this done in record time this year r Program download!

The greenhouse tomatoes are coming along great as you can see from the pictures below 폭스콘 바이오스 다운로드.   The greenhouse cucumbers are doing exceptional this year, and at the rate they are growing, they may be ready before the tomatoes, which will be a first!  We hope all of us can enjoy that first BLT mid-May Fine Pang Fang!

Look at all the blossoms on the tomato plants!

Green tomatoes peeking out

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!  Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards