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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

We’re open for the 2019 season!   Our hours are 8 to 6 daily, including holidays, except we are now closed on Tuesdays.

We’re wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. If you are out this weekend, please stop into our bakery where every mom (or those fulfilling the role) gets a free cake donut of their choice, as our acknowledgement and appreciation of how special you are.  Special thanks to all of the mothers who work here–especially those working on Mother’s Day!

April (and May) showers bring May flowers and just in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 12th.  Here’s a few gift ideas:

Mother’s Day ideas

  • We can do gift certificates to so they can pick out their own goodies. We can do these over the phone with a credit card and mail out for you, or have it waiting for the gift recipient to pick up here.
  • We have lots of gift items, gift basket ideas, flower baskets, or get her favorite pie or hard cider!

Peggy has several gift baskets ready to go!

  • Making Mom breakfast? You can get the sausage or bacon,  maple syrup for pancakes sold here from  Maple Row SugarHouse, or one of our pastries from the bakery.
  • For the gardener, help pick out bedding plants and then help plant.  Nothing like working in the soil on a nice day with someone you love.
  • We have some lovely new Carruth sculptures for the garden loving mom.   See them behind our check out counter.
  • Sweets for the sweet, can be as simple as jar of honey which has great shelf life so mom can be reminded of your gift for months to come.
  • Pick up her favorite salad dressing, one of our lettuce bowls, and a large tomato plant for the patio to give months of “pick your own” salad!

We have fresh picked asparagus and hope to have it all weekend.  Asparagus is still not growing as fast as demand because of the cool weather this week.  For those who have large orders pending or want to place one, we will call you when it really starts coming in.  Meanwhile, feel free to call us and have us hold some for you to pick up.     269-244-5690.  Pricing: $2.50 a pound; 10 pounds or more for $2.25 a pound.

Fresh Rhubarb is also available now!  $2.50 a pound.   We also have rhubarb pie in the bakery, a spring favorite!

Our large sweet onions, grown in 2018 and stored over the winter.

Bedding plants:  All of our bedding plants – vegetables, flower annuals, and tomatoes are here!  These plants are specially grown for us at Schram’s greenhouse in Kalamazoo and are the same varieties we plant in our fields.  It is so important to start with a high-quality plant, so as you think about your garden needs, plan on getting your plants here.  Any of our staff can help you pick out what you need, just ask!

A frequently asked question by customers is can we go ahead and plant everything.  We would recommend proceeding with caution on tender flowers or any vine plant (cucumbers, melons) and peppers.  We had ours outside hardening up and were surprised to come in yesterday morning and finding them nipped by the cold wind.   There is cold weather forecasted this weekend and we are not planting any heat loving plants yet.  It’s not fun to have to plant twice!

Bedding plants:

  • Cole crops: Cabbage, kale, Brussel sprouts, various lettuce varieties, broccoli, chard, and spinach (all of these can be planted now)
  • Flower annuals: We have a huge selection of flower annuals….too many to list
  • Tomato plants: We have a large selection of tomatoes (all the ones that we grow here in our own fields) plus mini tomatoes like grape and cherry
  • Herbs
  • Other “heat loving” vegetable plants like peppers, cucumbers, melons, squash, and eggplant
  • Hanging flower baskets: We have lots of hanging baskets, including some of the favorites we carry every year like the lipstick plant
  • Lettuce bowls, for your “pick your own salad”
  • Large tomato plants for your patio, porch or yard
  • Specialty pots made up with flower and herb arrangements by our own Teri.  If you’d like Teri to make a special pot for you, bring in your containers and pick out the flowers and she will put it together.

Bakery:  This weekend for Mother’s Day we will have our Chocolate Cream Pies and will be offering a free cake donut to all moms who come visit us!  If you would like anything reserved, give us a call at 269-244-5690 and we would be happy to save it for you!

This weekend’s offerings will be:

  • Cookies: Flower Cut Outs, Frosted Lemon, M&M “Monster”, Chaos, Mudslide, and Salted Caramel
  • Pies:Blueberry, Cherry, Rhubarb and Strawberry Rhubarb. Chocolate Cream is available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Breads:Whole Wheat, Honey Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Italian, Tuscan, Focaccia Hamburger and Hotdog Buns
  • Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Buns, Yeast Donuts
  • Summer flavors cake donuts: Buttermilk, Blueberry, and Cherry (Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Slushies

The many rainy days of this week has made it difficult to know what to bake, so forgive us if we haven’t baked something you wanted!

Also in the bakery you can find:

Local Gluten free items. We are partnering again with Gluten Free Sensations in Three Rivers and will offer many of their gluten free products, made in their gluten free bakery, frozen and delivered to our bakery freezer.  We carry brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, cherry and apple pies.

Owner Loretta delivering to us

  • Local Plainwell Ice cream to scoop out with pie.
  • We also are partnering again with Jake’s Country Meats in Cassopolis to supply us with pork products. Now available in the bakery freezer are brats, pork sausage, hot dogs, bacon and snacking sticks. Pick up a flyer about them next to our freezer or learn more about them at Jake’s Country Meats

Amy and Peggy toured Jake’s County Meats in April.   Corey Lake Orchards and Jake’s Country Meats are natural partners in providing high quality local food.  You could not have that extra special first BLT without the CLO tomato and Jake’s bacon! Jake’s is a multi-generational farm with deep local roots and a love of the land.  At one time Jake’s raised hogs indoors in a confined space, but over time Nate, one of the family, realized that he could raise healthier and more tasty meat in a manner better for the environment.  Today the hogs are pastured along with some beef cattle, chickens and goats.  Amy and Peggy can both attest to the pastoral setting that they experienced on a hay ride around the farm.  The transparency of all that Jake’s does is truly a breath of fresh air.  Let us know if you’d like us to carry a larger variety of their meat products.

Alcohol offerings:  Our brandies, wines and hard ciders available are:

  • Brandies:  Pear, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Grappa
  • Wines: Double Cherry and Kaiser Cyser
  • Hard Cider flavors: Standard Dry, Standard Sweet, Preach, Blueberry, Hometown Hero, Cortabella, Currant/Cacoa, Elves, United Squash Federation, Ginger, Strawberry and Brunch. 

Due to selling out last weekend and requests for more, Teresa is making more asparagus tamales to sell on Saturday and Sunday.  They are $1.50 each, you may want to call and order ahead.  269-244-5690.

Happenings on the farm:

We continued to empty rain gauges and record, but standing water in the fields told the whole story. Sometimes we feel like all we are growing well is dandelions!  We have held back on planting our herb garden and flower beds due to the cold expected this weekend so forgive our “work in process” around the market areas.  We were thrilled to finally be able to plant last weekend, getting onions, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kohlrabi, shallots, sweet corn and peas in before the rain.

Cherry blossom are ending and apples are starting.  Our early apples were in full bloom today!

Tomatoes and cucumbers are thriving in the greenhouse, but the lack of sun and heat isn’t helping the tomatoes to turn red.   Patience please!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local.  Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Reminder:  Corey Lake Orchards will now be closed every Tuesday.  We will continue to share this notice since it is a major change.  As a small family business, we have begun to realize that to best serve our customers with an exceptional product and experience, we need a down day once per week to regroup, reorganize, and re-energize.