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Happy 4th of July week!

Here’s wishing everyone a great and safe holiday weekend/weekday, or whenever you have a chance to celebrate the 4th of July and just kick back.  Please consider a trip to our farm over the Holiday to enjoy our relaxed atmosphere.  We’ve got fresh produce, baked goods, local meat, cheese and eggs, and our own wine and hard cider selections.  We recommend you pair these with good weather, family and friends (and since the weather seems out of our control this year–go for 2 out of 3!)

All good things must come to an end and we are winding down the strawberry season, especially with this heat.  We irrigated this week and now hope we can keep them going maybe, maybe through this weekend.

The Strawberry Experience Continues with:

  • Picked Strawberries:   They are $4 a quart and we are no longer taking orders for 8-quart flats.   We have been in contact with everyone on our order list, if you have not been called, please call us.  If you know you are coming out to get some, we are happy to hold them for you if you call us at 269-244-5690 화장지웠어 다운로드.
  • U-Pick Strawberries:  We had a great week with U-Pick Strawberries; the berries are plentiful, nice and sweet!  We will be open for strawberry U-Pick as long as the berries are holding.  Right now we plan on having U-Pick on Wednesday and Thursday (July 4) from 8 until noon, and then Wednesday evening, from 5 until 7, if you are checked in to pick by 6.  Please check our website, Facebook or call us to see if there are still berries to pick after Thursday, we are keeping our fingers crossed.   We pick by the quart, so please bring containers (bowls/tubs) to take your berries home.  We will loan you quart boxes to pick in.  We will be open every day except Tuesdays from 8 until 12 noon, unless we get picked out before then (which hasn’t happened yet!)  We do not have afternoon picking due to the afternoon heat.   U-Pick pricing is:  $3.00 per quart up to 7 quarts; $21.00 for an 8 quart flat; and 16 quarts or more are $20 per flat.
  • In the Bakery:  Strawberry muffins, strawberry cookies, strawberry bars, strawberry juice, strawberry milk, strawberry cheesecake
  • Strawberry items:  Toddler strawberry hats, strawberry journals, “Life is Good” strawberry shirts, berry bowls, strawberry honey straws, strawberry dog toys, and numerous other fun strawberry souvenirs to purchase for yourself or as a gift Marvel earth download.
  • Free fun kid stuff:  Check out the small shopping cart where you can find cootie catchers, stickers and temporary tattoos.
  • Adults may want to check out our strawberry hard cider.
  • And the strawberry purist can simply buy a quart of strawberries, wash and indulge!
  • All things strawberry in our market breezeway, with tables and chairs for you to sit and enjoy your treats.  What is All things strawberry?  It’s Beth’s large personal strawberry collection she is sharing during strawberry season.  Sorry, it is not for sale.

Yes, Beth likes strawberries!

Parents, Nutritionists, Doctors, Farmers, Chefs and so many others have coined the phrase:  Eat your vegetables Genghis Khan 4pk download!  And you should!  The market is beginning to overflow with many great vegetable choices.  With this heat, just enjoy cut up veggies as a snack, or with a dip.  (We have dip mixes, sour cream and yogurt for sale).  With the abundance of zucchini, try spiralizing them into noodles (yes, we have spiralizers for sale as well, and they’re widely available at supermarkets because of how great zoodles are).  And of course, everyone’s favorite: grilling them (outside of course to keep the heat out of the kitchen!).

Here’s what is on the market now:

  • Fresh broccoli, zucchini, kohlrabi, cabbage, cucumbers, yellow summer squash, fresh dug onions, cauliflower, kale, lettuce, swiss chard, garlic scapes
  • Greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers
  • U-pick herbs are ready.  There are bags and scissors for cutting around the neck of the bird overlooking the herb garden.  A list of what is ready is posted at the market.  If you haven’t tried using freshly picked herbs you will be amazed at how they punctuate your food.  So bring your recipes and pick away.

Blueberry update: These are running about a week late.  Check back with us around July 5th and we will know more about when we will have them on the market for sale and when our small U-Pick field will open Kim Ki-duk Stop Download.

Sweet Cherries:  With a small crop due to the rough winter, followed by all of the rain, there is no U-pick this year.  We will be picking the few we have and will have them for sale by the quart this weekend.  Due to our small crop, we are working on bringing some in to sell from the neighboring farms around Coloma next week.  Once we have confirmed quantity and quality of the cherries, we will be able to take orders.

Tart/Sour Cherries:

  • While we were optimistic about having a good tart cherry crop, the past rains have now damaged about 70% of them.   The rain drops collected at the bottom of the cherry, they couldn’t dry, and caused the skin at the bottom to turn bronze.  The discoloration while not pretty, doesn’t go into the cherry.  We will be picking some next week (which are not affected by this condition) to sell by the quart and then we will be working with a farm in Mattawan to bring in already-picked tart cherries for sale 드라마 초한지 다운로드.   Once we have confirmed quantity and quality of the cherries, we will be able to take orders.  Check back with us around July 5th for an update on picked cherries.
  • This situation has caused us to have to reduce our tart cherry U-pick activity for this season.  We will only be able to have pickers who want large quantities, over 25 pounds.  If you are trying to pick a lot for wine, let us know and we are happy to work something out with you.   If you are interested in picking tart cherries, please call the market and leave your name and phone number (269-244-5690).  Brenda or Beth will call you back, discuss our situation and then schedule you in to pick where there are good cherries 성경 낭독 다운로드.
  • If you are looking for another place to pick tart cherries, we recommend Schultz’s Fruitridge Farm in Mattawan.  They have about 30 acres of beautiful tart cherries, which are not quite ready yet.  You can call them at 269-668-3724 or find them at https://schultzfruitridgefarms.com/.

Welcome Faith in Flora: Faye brought her beautiful bouquets and other special plants to our farm last weekend and she will be here this coming Saturday at 9am.   We love what she does with flowers and think you will, too.


We are still in the strawberry swing in the bakery this weekend!  We will have our new Strawberry Cheesecake Pies again this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) as well as our strawberry cut out cookies and shortcakes to go with the delicious strawberries for sale in the market!  We will also have two-crust and Dutch apple pies this weekend through next weekend for the 4th of July!  If you would like anything reserved, give us a call at 269-244-5690 and we would be happy to save it for you servlet 다운로드!

Love these strawberry cookies

This weekend’s offerings will be:

  • Cookies: Strawberry Cut Outs, Frosted Lemon, M&M “Monster”, Chaos, Mudslide, and Salted Caramel
  • Pies: Apple (2 crust or Dutch), Blueberry, Cherry, and Strawberry Rhubarb.  Strawberry Cheesecake pie is available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only
  • Shortcakes for strawberries
  • Breads: Mill Grain, Wheat and Rye Herb, Potato Scallion, and Herb Baguette as well as Whole Wheat, Honey Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Italian, Tuscan, Focaccia, Hamburger and Hotdog Buns
  • Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Buns, Yeast Donuts
  • Dessert bars: Strawberry, peanut butter mousse, chocolate caramel, lemon burst, chocolate truffle. 
  • Summer flavors cake donuts: Buttermilk, Blueberry, and Cherry (Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Slushies

Also in the bakery you can find:

  • Local Gluten free items
  • Local Plainwell Ice cream to scoop out with pie.
  • Jake’s Country Meats,  pork products
  • Welch’s juice products, from Lawton
  • Country Home Creations herb and spice packets to make your own dressing or dip
  • Local chocolates 

Alcohol offerings:

  • Brandies:  Pear, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Grappa
  • Rye Whiskey
  • Wines: Double Cherry and Kaiser Cyser
  • Hard Cider flavors: Standard Dry, Standard Sweet, Preach, Bark Bite, Blueberry, Hometown Hero, Cortabella, Currant/Cacoa, Elves, United Squash Federation, Ginger, Strawberry and Brunch. 
  • Brandy tours and tasting is available every Saturday from 1 until 3 pm, in the Brandy Barn/Distillery.   Bruce, our brandy maker will be there to welcome you, talk with you about our process, offer sample brandy and some hard ciders as well!  It’s always an interesting and fun experience 마인크래프트 1 5 2 다운로드.
  • Welcome back to Happy Hour! Come to happy hour on Saturday from 3 to 6 held in the breezeway or “Strawberry Land” in its current configuration.  Sip a strawberry cider as you check out Beth’s large collection of strawberry themed items.  Raise a toast to the first fruit of the season and pair a cider with one of numerous savory and/or sweet snacks.  Free cider samples will be available to get you started.

Peggy hosts our Happy Hours for us and is ready to help with beverages and food choices from the market.

Check out several new gift items that we have:

  •  Maple Candles. New in the market are maple scented candles from Maple Row Sugar House.  They are located with the other yummy maple syrup products and are guaranteed to lift your spirts (and not your blood sugar) with their lovely aroma ocr program.
  • Life is Good Strawberry Tees. Pick up a souvenir tee shirt to celebrate the strawberry season that will remind you of the sweetness of the berries and life long after this short season is over for the year.  The shirts make great gifts as well.

Our staff loves these shirts, so soft!

We welcome those who wish to use Corey Lake Orchards as a backdrop/setting for any professional photography.  We invite you to capture the beauty of our farm and enjoy the scenery for family photos, engagements, weddings, and more.  We have extended hours and non-public areas of the farm available seasonally.  For fees and more information, please contact Brenda at Brenda@coreylakeorchards.com

Happenings on the farm this week:  The week seemed to revolve around strawberries…everywhere we looked.  Being picked, being cut up for pies, but one of our favorites is watching families enjoying themselves picking berries.  Please plan to come out soon before the strawberry season is over GameBoy Color!

Cutting up berries for pies

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local.  Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Well, if you have to work from sun up to sun down, could we get sunsets like this every night?

Reminder:  Corey Lake Orchards is closed every Tuesday.  We will continue to share this notice since it is a major change.  As a small family business, we have begun to realize that to best serve our customers with an exceptional product and experience, we need a down day once per week to regroup, reorganize, and re-energize.

Corey Lake Orchards Dog Policy

We love dogs too!  Especially well-behaved, socialized dogs, but please keep them on a leash and pick up after them.  Due to Federal Food Safety regulations, no dogs are allowed in food retail areas including the farm market, bakery and brandy distillery, as well as pick-your-own areas.  During some of our peak season activities which draw many folks out to the farm, we would encourage you to leave your dog at home where they will be more comfortable than around large groups of people.  We have many open areas surrounding the main farm complex where you can be with your dog and designated areas near the you-pick locations.  Any of our staff will be happy to help you with this.  Poorly behaved dogs causing issues will be asked to leave.

Pat, Mary Anne, and their cute dog Sandy are frequent visitors to the farm.  Sandy waits patiently while each of them take turns shopping, often greeting customers!

We thank you for your understanding, Corey Lake Orchards