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Strawberry U-Pick update

Who’s ready for strawberries?  Based on the number of calls we think everyone  is ready for strawberries, along with normal spring weather, days of sunshine and the occasional rain (at night of course!)  However, we all know we don’t always get what we want, when we want it.  Strawberry ripening continues to be delayed due to this cool weather, so we ask for your patience, please!

Picked Strawberries:  We are picking our early variety (Early Glow) in order to have picked berries for sale at the market.  They are $4 a quart.  Since quantities are limited, we’re happy to hold them for you if you call us at 269-244-5690.  If you are trying to order flats (8 quarts), which are $29, we are taking orders and will call you when available.

U-Pick Strawberries:

We will be open for U-Pick strawberries for the season on Friday, June 21st . Due to the cool weather and rains, berries continue to ripen slowly. If you are trying to pick a lot of berries (16 quarts or more) we would recommend you wait until next week if you can.
If you are trying to pick more than 40 quarts, please call us and we will put you on our “large picker” list and arrange a picking time with you, 269-244-5690. We pick by the quart, so please bring containers (bowls/tubs) to take berries home in. We will loan you the quart boxes to pick in.
We will be open every day except Tuesdays from 8 until 12 noon, unless we get picked out before then. We will open Wednesday evenings from 5 until 7, but need to be started by 6pm. We do not have afternoon picking due to the afternoon heat.
Our goal is to always have good picking for our customers. So we close the field when all the picking for that day is complete. If it was to rain for days on end or get cold, we may have to close for a day.
Our website, our facebook page and our answering machine will always have the latest picking information so you can call the night before or the morning you are trying to come to make sure we are open.
U-Pick pricing is:  $3.00 per quart up to 7 quarts, $21.00 for an 8 quart flat, If you pick 16 quarts or more, they are $2.50 a quart.   (Price corrected at 4:45 on Wednesday, June 19th)
Looking forward to seeing you😀

On the market now:

  • Greenhouse tomatoes:  Yes, it’s time for a BLT.  We have the bread in the bakery, the lettuce in the market cooler, the bacon in the bakery freezer – just supply your own condiments!
  • We have asparagus in limited supply.   Pricing: $2.50 a pound; 10 pounds or more for $2.25 a pound.
  • Fresh Rhubarb is also available,  $2.50 a pound.
  • Our large sweet onions, grown in 2018 and stored over the winter.
  • Greenhouse cucumbers:  4 different varieties
  • Fresh cut broccoli
  • U-pick herbs:  See list at the market for what you can pick now
  • Lettuce, Kale, Swiss Chard, and spinach from our fields

Bedding plants:  Vegetables, flower annuals, herbs and tomatoes.  These plants need to have a home so all of our bedding plants are buy one, get one free.


Happy Fathers Day! We will have free cake donuts for any dads (or folks fulfilling that role) in the bakery all weekend.  We also have our Pecan pies and baseball-frog cookies! Show dad you care by gifting him a tasty scratch made pie, cookies, or perhaps treat him to a cinnamon roll or sticky bun for breakfast YUM!

Or celebrate by making strawberry shortcake.  Pick up fresh picked strawberries, shortcake made in our bakery, vanilla ice cream from the bakery freezer and cool whip from our refrigerated case. If you would like anything reserved, give us a call at 269-244-5690 and we would be happy to save it for you!

This weekend’s offerings will be:

  • Cookies: Baseball themed Frog Frosted Cut Outs, Frosted Lemon, M&M “Monster”, Chaos, Mudslide, and Salted Caramel
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, and Strawberry Rhubarb. Pecan is available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • Shortcakes for strawberry shortcake, our special recipe!
  • Breads: New; Mill Grain, Wheat and Rye Herb, Potato Scallion, and Herb Baguette.   Whole Wheat, Honey Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Italian, Tuscan, Focaccia, Hamburger and Hotdog Buns
  • Cinnamon Rolls, Sticky Buns, Yeast Donuts
  • Summer flavors cake donuts: Buttermilk, Blueberry, and Cherry (Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • Slushies

Also in the bakery you can find:

  • Local Gluten free items
  • Local Plainwell Ice cream to scoop out with pie.
  • Jake’s Country Meats,  pork products
  • Welch’s juice products, from Lawton
  • Country Home Creations herb and spice packets to make your own dressing or dip
  • Our new line of local chocolates 

Alcohol offerings:  Our brandies, wines and hard ciders available are:

  • Brandies:  Pear, Grape, Apple, Cherry, Peach, and Grappa
  • Wines: Double Cherry and Kaiser Cyser
  • Hard Cider flavors: Standard Dry, Standard Sweet, Preach, Blueberry, Hometown Hero, Cortabella, Currant/Cacoa, Elves, United Squash Federation, Ginger, Strawberry and Brunch. 

Brandy tours and tasting is available this Saturday, June 15th from 1 until 4, in the Brandy Barn/Distillery.  We’re extending the hours until 4 this weekend given the forecast of cool, rainy weather (the brandy room is enclosed!)  Bruce, our brandy maker will be there to welcome you, talk with you about our process, offer sample of brandy and some hard ciders as well!  It’s always an interesting and fun experience.

Our Happy Hours will return on Saturday, June 22nd with a new format.  Stay tuned for next week’s announcement!.

Happenings on the farm:

This week we raced once again to get our final pumpkins and special sunflowers in, finished last night!  The vegetables in our field are coming along nicely, our tomato plants already need to be staked.  And of course, we picked strawberries!

Staking and tying up the tomato plants.

Beautiful strawberries just picked!

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards thanks you for buying local.  Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Reminder:  Corey Lake Orchards will now be closed every Tuesday.  We will continue to share this notice since it is a major change.  As a small family business, we have begun to realize that to best serve our customers with an exceptional product and experience, we need a down day once per week to regroup, reorganize, and re-energize.

Corey Lake Orchards 2019 : “Growing Children Growing Sunflowers Contest”

Attention:  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, and all

Contest information:

  • Contest open to children 10 years and younger
  • Purchase a sunflower book for $12.99 and receive a packet of 5 sunflower seeds free with book purchase.
  • Plant seeds into the earth, water as needed, and keep weeds away so they can grow tall!
  • Photograph the growth at least 4 times (see suggested schedule below) and send pictures to coreylakerochards@gmail.com. Corey Lake Orchards will share pictures, progress and the winners on their website and social media.  Only child’s first name and last name initial will be used, like Sally G.
    • Photo 1: When I Spy (when plant is first popping out of the ground)
    • Photo 2: When Knee High (when plant reaches the child’s knees, measure with the sunflower growth chart in the book)
    • Photo 3: When it Goes to the Sky (when it is as tall as the child, measure with the sunflower growth chart in the book)
    • Photo 4: And Why?  Your own unique photo and caption with the child (extra points if it rhymes!)
  • Corey Lake Orchards will be the final judge, reviewing all pictures and captions.
  • Prizes: Top 3 chosen to win will receive four tickets to Corey Lake Orchard’s Sunflower Experience in August
  • All other qualifying entrants (must submit the four photos) will win a free donut and small slushy