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8-7-2020 We’re “popping” with produce

 Happenings on the Farm This Week

We loved wearing sweatshirts for a few mornings this week, but quickly removed them as picking and packing produce for the market warms us up.  This is our “heavy lifting” season, in more ways than one!  We are carrying bundles of onions (each about 10 pounds), bushels of corn, squash, cucumbers, apples (most of these bushels weigh around 50 pounds) and loading 1,000 pounds of blueberries in and out of our cooler about every 3 days.

This week we got our exercise harvesting melons and onions, as described below.

Melons – One of our “favorite” muscle-building workouts is picking and tossing melons.

First we “stretch” by finding the melons hidden in the foliage and pick only the ones that are ready.  (That’s how you know when you buy a melon here that it is ripe–we pick them that way!)

We pick it up and toss it about 10 feet towards a moving tractor so they can be caught by one worker and loaded into the box.  Sometimes there are 3 crew members tossing melons at the one person c920.  Yes, there is an occasional miss, and when that happens, everyone gets to enjoy the cracked melon!

The box is filled and ready for you to enjoy!

Onions – The onion harvest, which is almost done, consists of pulling the onions out of the ground, tying them in bundles, loading them on the truck to take them to the main farm complex, and hanging the bundles in various farm buildings to dry or cure, so they will keep for months.  This means each onion is getting lifted 4 times that day alone!

The onions are pulled from the field and tied into a bundle.

Onions are loaded onto truck to take back to the onion barn one hand clapping 다운로드.

Some onions are unloaded and hung at the market.

We give the onions a “haircut” so they aren’t long enough to be in our customer’s way when they are trying to select produce off our shelves.

Sunflower Update

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed our Sunflowers!  Our current field is coming to an end so we would encourage you to wait for the next one if you can.  Our last day for it will be Saturday, August 8th Download the Bethlehem Bible for Mac.

If you missed them, no worries as we have a second field that will start blooming in about 7 to 14 days.  We are estimating August 17 so call and get an update as to when the field will open.  It is a larger field with about 60,000 blooms that should last approximately two weeks, depending on the weather.

Below are several photos of families enjoying our sunflowers.  Thanks to those of you who have shared photos with us!

The admission fee is:

  • $5 adults
  • $3 children ages 3 to 10
  • Free to ages 2 and younger

Each admission includes a sunflower for you to take home.  Check in at the market first to get directions and your admission ticket.

The field is open from 9 am to 5 pm each day except Tuesday (closed)

We also will have sunflower-themed gifts at the Market.

Photographers – Please contact Brenda@coreylakeorchards.com to get information on our photo policy and fees, as well as after-hours photo shoots previous version of office.

Peach Update

We lost about 60% of our peach crop in the May freeze this spring.  Because of that we will be selling peaches in quart and 2-quart boxes only with an occasional peck or half-peck.  There will be no bushels or large quantities this year.  We expect them to start about the second week of August; these cool nights have slowed them down.

Blueberry Update

We are bringing already picked blueberries to sell at the market from Brookside Farms, our blueberry supplier.  We hope to keep a steady supply available in pints, 1-pound, and 2-pound containers, 5 and 10 lb. boxes.   Depending on the weather, we will try to have blueberries until the end of August.

If you want to pick a few blueberries, we still have some left.  These are the Jersey variety which are small (takes longer to pick) but very sweet.  If you are local and do not have to drive far, it can be a fun experience.  They are $2 a lb.

If you are wanting to pick a lot of blueberries, we would recommend Brookside Farms, located in Paw Paw.  Reach them at 269-657-3500 or check their website:  https://brooksidefarmsmi.com/

Tomato Update

Our field tomatoes are starting to ripen and are available in 2- and 4-pound boxes on the market.  If you are looking for larger quantities for canning, freezing, or salsa, call the market at (269) 244-5690 and ask to be added to our Tomato Sign Up List.  We will contact you when they are available by the bushel and half bushel.  We should have both first and second quality tomatoes.  We have started calling folks who ordered 2nd tomatoes.

Green Bean Update

We now have green beans coming in and have started calling those individuals who wanted some by the bushel.  If you are looking for larger quantities for canning or freezing, call the market at (269) 244-5690 and ask to be added to our Green Bean Sign Up List.

Produce Update

NOTE:  Some of our crop yields each day are inconsistent and we may pick a lot, or pick a few, or none, especially when we have cool nights causing slower ripening.  It is possible that some days you may see limits on the amount you can purchase as we try to make what is there available to as many customers as possible.  We are happy to reserve/hold produce for you if we have it on the market for sale until you are able to pick it up.  269-244-5690.

We are now picking:

  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers – traditional field, greenhouse varieties, pickling
  • Eggplant
  • Green Beans
  • Herbs – various types, fresh, pick your own
  • Melons
  • Peppers – many varieties, mild and hot, Bell
  • Potatoes – small red
  • Shallots
  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Summer Squash – Yellow and Spaghetti – yellow squash is buy one, get one
  • Sweet Corn
  • Sweet Onions – freshly dug with edible stems, also in bunches on string for hanging
  • Swiss Chard
  • Tomatoes – field and greenhouse, also green
  • Zucchini

Squash Tacos – Looking for something different for dinner?  Try these tacos made with yellow squash, zucchini and sweet corn – all readily available on the market!

Saturday, August 8 is National Zucchini Day!  Celebrate the day by stopping by to get one!

New on the Market

Jams and Jellies – We have several new flavors for you to try:

  • Red Raspberry Jam
  • Peach Jalapeno Jam
  • Apple Butter
  • Vanilla Pear
  • Mango Salsa

Shallots – We have shallots in braided bunches for $4.  Shallots are similar in appearance to a small onion but are milder with a hint of garlic.

Melons – Freshly picked and ripe from our field.

Spaghetti Squash

More varieties of hot and sweet peppers

Apple Cider – Last fall we froze some of our fresh apple cider and have some to sell.  It is $8 a gallon and is in the market freezer.  It is cold and refreshing on a hot August day!

Tamales.  Teresa has added a new type of tamale this week – Green Bean.  The flavors are:

  • Black Bean
  • Green Bean
  • Pinto Bean with Cheese
  • Zucchini with Cheese

U cut flowers available

Hard Cider, Wine, and Distillery Products Available

We also offer:

  • Selection of hard ciders from dry to sweet
  • Peach Honey and Double Cherry wines
  • Brandy – various fruit flavors

We have “paused” our hard cider and wine tastings at this time.

Check out the variety of hard cider, brandy, and wine available on the market for purchase.  Hard ciders are sold individually and in 4- and 6- packs; you can mix and match your selection.


Bakery Update

Please bear with us as we continue to experience various supplier shortages in flour, sugar, M&Ms, and more.  We apologize that we have not always had your favorite pie or bakery item when you wanted it.  To make sure you get your favorite item(s) please call ahead at (269) 244-5690 and preorder so we can bake it and set it aside for you.

We are continuing to make several of your favorite summer items – Zucchini-Chocolate Chip cookies, Blueberry-Zucchini bread, and cake donuts in buttermilk, cherry, and blueberry.

As a reminder, we only have baked goods on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  However, ‘take and bake’ fruit pies are available in our freezer throughout the week.  Also, Gluten free baked products are available in the freezer – pies, brownies, cookies, and cinnamon rolls.

Bakery Offerings for this Weekend

Pies – 9” or 6”:

  • Apple – 2 crust
  • Apple – Dutch
  • Blueberry
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb


  • Frosted Lemon
  • Monster
  • Zucchini Chocolate Chip
  • Salted Caramel
  • Chaos

Muffins / Rolls

  • Blueberry Coffee Cake
  • Cinnamon rolls – 2 and 4 count
  • Blueberry muffins – 4 count
  • Cherry Almond muffins – 4 count
  • Pistachio muffins – 4 count


  • Asiago Cheese – 4 count
  • Everything – 4 count
  • Very Berry – 4 count

Donuts – available in packages of 4 unless pre-ordered differently

  • Cake Donuts (6 packs)
    • Blueberry, plain and sugared
    • Cherry, plain and sugared
    • Buttermilk, plain and sugared
  • Yeast Ring Donuts
    • Chocolate iced – plain or sprinkles
    • Vanilla iced – plain or sprinkles
  • Raspberry Bismarks: sugared or white frosting
  • Bavarian Cream Longjohn: chocolate or white frosting
  • White Cream Longjohn: chocolate or white frosting
  • Yeast Twists: glazed or cinnamon sugared
  • Cherry Fritters – glazed


  • Blueberry-Zucchini
  • Cinnamon
  • Crusty Country
  • Italian
  • Mediterranean
  • Potato Scallion


Other Products Available on the Market

  • Frozen gallons of our 2019 Sweet apple cider, find in the freezer outside of the bakery
  • Jake’s Country Meat: various pork and chicken products available in the freezer outside of the bakery
  • Honey from Babcock’s Apiaries
  • Maple syrup products from Maple Row Sugarhouse
  • Mattawan Creamery Yogurt
  • Dipping chocolate for fruit
  • Local jams and jellies
  • Peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter
  • Eggs (XL brown)
  • Cheese
  • Mad Mats
  • Greeting cards made by local artists
  • Great Lakes potato chips
  • Juice, strawberry and chocolate milk in the cooler
  • Whipped cream
  • Granola
  • Pottery from Barb’s Bowls
  • Carruth Studio Clay figurines
  • Plainwell Ice Cream
  • Gluten Free Sensations
  • Wood Bird Houses made locally by Ken Bickle
  • Fresh Cut Flowers from Faith in Flora (Friday, Saturday, Sunday only)

Our Days and Hours of Operation

Please note our opening time is 9 am.  Closed Tuesdays.

The later start time allows us to do the extra cleaning and sanitizing required and move the baked goods and produce onto the market for sale – thanks for your understanding!

Open – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Hours – 9 am to 6 pm
Closed – Tuesday

Thank You for Supporting our Business!

We sincerely thank you for shopping local!  We look forward to seeing you soon.

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

Market Operations

Pre-ordering:  For your convenience pre-ordering is available.

Curbside service:  We are happy to provide contactless curbside service.

  1.  Simply call ahead with your order.  Pay over the phone by credit card or give us cash or a check when you pick up.  When you arrive, please park in the designated curbside area adjacent to our market, beep your horn, and we will bring it out to you.
  2. If you are not able to place your order in advance, no problem.  Please pull into the curbside area, beep your horn, and we will take care of you.  It just may take us a few minutes to get your order together.

We intend to continue to offer curbside service as an integral part of our market.  We know we have a steep hill to climb from the parking lot, babies can be asleep in cars, dogs do not want to be left alone, you are in a hurry, or a myriad of other reasons!

Our policies and procedures will evolve as new, reliable information and local guidelines become available.  We wish to maintain the peaceful, rejuvenating shopping experience our customers have come to rely on during these times.  For a list of the changes we made due to COVID-19, please see below.

Current Operational Changes to the Market 

  • We will have one-way entering and exiting for the market.  Customers should enter at the stairway, travel north side of the market towards the Bakery, curve around by Bakery, travel towards the checkout counter, and exit traveling west toward the play yard.
  • For social distancing, we have marked the floors marked with X’s or potted plants every 6 feet.
  • We have a hand washing station at the top of the hill as well as hand sanitizer in the market.
  • We encourage everyone to use a face covering and consider using gloves.
  • Please only touch items you are going to purchase to minimize surface contact.  If you prefer to not touch anything our clerks would be happy to gather items for you.