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Twas the Night Before Christmas 🎅 🍎 🎁 Updated 12-24-2020


‘‘Twas the night before Christmas,

When through field and wood

Not a creature was stirring

All quiet and good c920.


Baskets were placed

By the market with care

In hopes that St. Nicholas

Soon would be there.


The farm crew were nestled

All snug in their beds,

While visions of a Covid-less new year

Danced in their heads one hand clapping 다운로드.


For they were most tired

From sowing, weeding, and growing the best

And surely in need

Of a long winter’s rest Download the Bethlehem Bible for Mac.


When out on the farm

Arose such a clatter

We quickly went to see

What was the matter.


Away to the buildings

We checked one by one

And finding nothing amiss

We were done previous version of office.


The moon on the breast

Of the new fallen snow

Gave a luster of midday

To objects below.


And what did appear?

Oh my, could it be?

A herd of reindeer

And a sleigh we could see.


And someone else

So lively and quick

We knew in a moment

It must be St. Nick.


More rapid than bunnies

Under a fence

St. Nicholas came

To the market’s entrance


And then in a twinkling

We heard a new sound

And turning our heads

St. Nick came in with a bound.


He was dressed in red Carhartt’s

From his head to his toes

And he wore a Covid mask

Over his mouth and his nose.


Something large was flung

Over his back

And we wondered

Is he carrying one of our apple packs??


His eyes how they twinkled

Above his mask

And he set about

Doing his task.


He ate just-baked cookies

Left for his treat

And some crumbs drifted

Down to his feet.


He spoke not a word

But went straight to his work

And filled all the baskets

Then turned with a jerk.


We could see new overalls

And caps and work gloves galore

And we just knew

We could not ask for more.


For to have this great farm

We count as our treasure

The work is demanding

A toil and pleasure.


What we love most,

Is sharing the bounty with all

Especially this year

We just felt that call


St. Nick turned to leave

We just had to smile

We all felt good

Knowing this year, we had gone the extra mile


And our customers did too

Supporting the farm in so many ways

Despite the 2020 challenges

They always made our days!


We heard him exclaim

As he cleared Corey Lake

Merry Christmas to all

And enjoy a great holiday break!


From everyone at Corey Lake Orchards, Happy Winter and Happy New Year!