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Yet another mid-week update….

Our peaches are in the News! The Sturgis Journal recently published an article on peaches and featured Corey lake Orchards! Click here to view the article.

Our corn is now gone for the year, in an earlier post we recommended Stears corn from Constantine but listed the wrong phone number, if you wish to contact them try 269-435-7332.

Our cold storage construction going on behind the market area has required us to close the back (west) driveway that some customers have been using.  Please only use the driveway at the main market entrance by the parking lot–we appreciate your help on this.

This week’s heat has helped to ripen lots of things, like all the peaches at one time, (one of our customers today commented that the peach trees looked “relieved” to have their load taken off!)  bushels and bushels of green beans, and….. tomatoes, we hope to have a U-Pick tomato opening date announced by this coming weekend and be able to start supplying bushels.   Stay tuned!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards



Please try our survey again!!

We do apologize for the technical issues we encountered when we sent out our survey last week.  We would like to ask for your help in trying it again.

After consulting with our support team,  the easiest approach will be for you to simply click on this link.   This will take you to the first post and allow you to complete the survey right on the website.  This time you should be able to actually click the boxes, type answers in the text box, and submit it!!

Some of you went directly to our website and put in your answers there which worked fine.  We still have your answers and are all set, so you do not need to re-do it.    If you are not sure, just go ahead and input your answers again.

Thanks again, we appreciate your patience and look forward to getting your input.  I am just returning from a 3 day fruit tree class I have been at this week in Grand Rapids.  My head hurts from learning so much!!