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Hard Cider

In 2013 we added several hard ciders to our lineup of wines and spirits. We make our hard ciders with estate-grown apples exclusively as well as local honey, local specialty crops, and wild-harvested fruit from our area (blackberry, elderberry, rose hips).

Currently on tap:

Corey Lake Sweet: A standard sweet apple cider made from a blend of Northern Spy, Jonagold, and Golden Delicious apples. Sweet, sparkling, fruity, warm-flavored.

Hometown Hero. A sweet cider made with the best local fruit our forests have to offer: elderberry, blackberry, rose hips, oh my! Sweet, sparkling, complex, fruit-forward.

Ginger: We chop pounds and pounds of ginger root and age the cider with it, so this cider has a bounty of flavor that will tantalize anyone who appreciates ginger. A great acid balance and a wonderful blend of aromas. Released in September. Sweet, sparkling, spicy, full-bodied.

Crop Rotation: A balanced, dry hard cider aged in an oak barrel. We take a used whiskey barrel, age our signature apple brandy for five to ten years, and then rotate hard cider into it. It should be kept in the fridge for best quality. Released in August, very little left for the year. Dry, sparkling, aromatic, rich. (Note: this cider is the only one we have that would not be considered gluten-free – the barrel held whiskey most recently in 2004.)

Corey Lake Dry: A mellow and dry hard cider made exclusively from Northern Spy apples, giving it a pleasant nose and just a touch of sour apple flavor. Dry, sparkling, tart. 

Preach: A hard cider made with peaches and pears we harvested pressed right here at Corey Lake Orchards. Very popular, released in August. Almost sold out for the year. Sweet, sparkling, smooth, fruit-forward.

Corey Lake Hopped: We add floral and spicy hops to make a dry, tart hard cider that has just a touch of bitterness. Naturally carbonated for a pleasantly balanced flavor. Released in May. Dry, sparkling, tart, herbal.

Peck of Peppers: Made with hand-sliced ancho, guajillo, and pasa negra peppers. Smoky and satisfying with a slight warm bite. A perfect pair for tacos or grill platters. Released in July. Dry, sparkling, smoky, spicy.

Cherries Jubilant Tart Cherry Cider: “Like springtime in a bottle,” Cherries Jubilant is a semi-sweet hard cider with a true tart cherry flavor, made with produce from our orchard. Sold out for the year. Semi-sweet, still, tart.

Corey Lake Blueberry: Made with Michigan blueberries and Corey Lake Orchards cider, this fully flavored cider makes a perfect refreshment all by itself for hot afternoons. Fruity and wonderful. Sold out for the year. Sweet, sparkling, tart, fruity.

Corey Lake Strawberry: Sweet apples and succulent strawberries from our farm are perfectly matched in this cider, launched in 2016. Extremely popular. Released in May. Sold out for the year. Sweet, sparkling, aromatic, fruity.

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