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Hard Cider

In 2015 we added several hard ciders to our lineup of wines and spirits. We make our hard ciders with estate-grown apples exclusively as well as local honey, local specialty crops, and wild-harvested fruit from our area (blackberry, elderberry, rose hips) 헤라클레스 다운로드.

In our tasting room (will re-open in May, 2019):

Corey Lake Sweet: A standard sweet apple cider made from Northern Spy apples

A Handsome Bluke: Blueberry/cucumber semi-sweet cider full episode of The King of Gwanggae totae.

Sour Cherry/Sage: Semi-dry cider with cherry and sage.

Hometown Hero. A sweet cider made with the best local fruit our forests have to offer: elderberry, blackberry, rose hips, oh my 쇼미더머니4 음원 다운로드!

Ginger: We chop pounds and pounds of ginger root and age the cider with it, so this cider has a bounty of flavor that will tantalize anyone who appreciates ginger Free The Hangul edition of Google Earth. A great acid balance and a wonderful blend of aromas.

Preach: A hard cider made with peaches and pears we harvested pressed right here at Corey Lake Orchards 청담보살 다운로드.

United Squash Federation: A semi-dry mead made with buttercup squash, apple, cloves, cinnamon, and more. Surprisingly smooth.

Blueberry: Made with Michigan blueberries and Corey Lake Orchards cider, this fully flavored cider makes a perfect refreshment all by itself for hot afternoons Youth Police Download. Fruity and wonderful.

Available in bottles (in order from sweet to dry), call us for an appointment or purchase from one of our partners):

  • Standard Sweet
  • Brunch (Maple/Vanilla)
  • Hometown Hero
  • Blueberry
  • Small Batch Elves
  • Preach (Pear/Peach)
  • Ginger
  • Standard Semi-Sweet
  • Hopped
  • Cortabella (Pure Cortland)
  • Standard Dry

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