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Hard Cider

In 2013 we added several hard ciders to our lineup of wines and spirits. We make our hard ciders with estate-grown apples exclusively as well as local honey, local specialty crops, and wild-harvested fruit from our area (blackberry, elderberry, rose hips).

Currently on tap in our tasting room (extremely subject to change! We never know when a keg will blow…).

Corey Lake Sweet: A standard sweet apple cider made from Northern Spy apples

A Handsome Bluke: Blueberry/cucumber semi-sweet cider.

Sour Cherry/Sage: Semi-dry cider with cherry and sage.

Hometown Hero. A sweet cider made with the best local fruit our forests have to offer: elderberry, blackberry, rose hips, oh my!

Ginger: We chop pounds and pounds of ginger root and age the cider with it, so this cider has a bounty of flavor that will tantalize anyone who appreciates ginger. A great acid balance and a wonderful blend of aromas.

Preach: A hard cider made with peaches and pears we harvested pressed right here at Corey Lake Orchards.

United Squash Federation: A semi-dry mead made with buttercup squash, apple, cloves, cinnamon, and more. Surprisingly smooth.

Blueberry: Made with Michigan blueberries and Corey Lake Orchards cider, this fully flavored cider makes a perfect refreshment all by itself for hot afternoons. Fruity and wonderful.

Available in bottles (from sweet to dry):

  • Standard Sweet
  • Brunch (Maple/Vanilla)
  • Hometown Hero
  • Blueberry
  • Preach (Pear/Peach)
  • Ginger
  • Standard Semi-Sweet
  • Cherry/Sage
  • Hopped
  • Cortabella (Pure Cortland)
  • Standard Dry

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