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Mill Lake Farm Meats

Our family began farming 9 years ago, starting with only a few animals. Vern grew up on a dairy farm and farming is in his blood. When I (Christa) was a young and naive teenager, I was sure I didn’t want to marry a farmer, but now here we are and I wouldn’t trade it for the world Nintendo game download! Our entire family loves good meat and those first few animals we raised mainly to feed ourselves. It grew from there and the past several years have been busy as we try to keep up with demand 스타 크래프트 1.16 1 립 버전 다운로드. We’ve learned so much along the way, including but not limited to:

*tender, flavorful, truly healthful meat doesn’t just happen–it takes specific, intentional practices
*grass-fed meat is not all created equal
*how very important nutrition and minerals is for the animals
*how much healthier we are eating our own meat
*what a good life and education farming is for our kids
*that we have no intention of looking back Photoshop Clean Download!

I referenced our children and they definitely deserve honorable mention! Alex is 16, Cami Jo is 13, Cole is 8 and Jasmine is 2. All four of them love animals and the older 3 spend hours each day helping care for them 기대해 다운로드. Alex is the main owner and manager of the pigs and is doing a great job in that department. Cami has a soft spot for our herd of dairy goats and knows all of the mothers and babies by name Remember download. She and Cole take great care of all the new babies in the spring as well as our bottle calves. Jasmine heads out with the other kids every chance she gets and thinks that she’s really living the life when in the barn 스탠딩 에그 다운로드.

All of our beef and pigs are raised on pasture. The beef are exclusively grass-fed–on pasture in season and given the highest quality of hay during the winter months Sessi Bong. Our pigs are the happiest you’ll ever meet–on big open pastures where they can root and dig and forage to their hearts’ content. They also eat completely non-GMO grain, and even hay Free infographics. Our animals are not given growth hormones or antibiotics and we never use pesticides or chemicals on our farm or the farms we rent for pastures and crops keys 다운로드.

We believe our practices result in the meat being the very best quality available, without sacrificing flavor or tenderness. So pull out the grill and fire it up in full confidence that you’ll be eating the finest quality of meat, raised on a small, local farm 이메일 파일 다운로드. We are pleased to supply Corey Lake Orchards with a variety of beef and pork cuts. When you pair your favorite meats with their fresh vegetables and finish off with in-season fruit or one of their homemade pies, we think you will be most pleased.

We would love your feedback and suggestion on your favorite cuts. Please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mill-Lake-Farm-125297324313320/

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