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Corey Lake Orchards

End of August Update

U-Pick Tomatoes:  We still have LOTS of tomatoes to pick and the picking is really good right now, so come on over.  They are $12 a bushel to pick.  We should have U-Pick tomatoes up to the first frost.  If you don’t want to pick them, you can buy them for $20 a bushel on the market, but it would help us if you could call in advance to order them.  269-244-5690.

Grape Tomatoes:  Have you tried our grape tomatoes yet this year?  If not, you should.  They are firm and sweet, perfect for snacks.  As evidenced below, even our young customers like them! 

Ben and his sister enjoy our grape tomatoes!

Our grape tomatoes 8-19-10









Bartlett Pears:  We have just started picking the Bartlett pears.  This is an excellent canning and eating pear.  We have them for sale by the bushel for $17.00, $9.00 a half bushel, $5.00 a peck (a quarter of a bushel) or a 4-pound box for $4.00.  We are going to let them continue to grow for a few more days and will start picking the majority of them this coming week.  If you have signed up on our list for bushels of pears, we will be calling you this coming week as we pick your orders. If you want to reserve bushels, please call us at 269-244-5690.

Bartlett Pears 8-19-10

Stanley Prune Plums:  We have picked all of our Stanley prune plums (we had a very small crop this year) and have them for sale for $6.00 a peck or a four-pound box for $4.00. 

Stanely Prune Plums being picked on 8-17-10

Apples are Coming!!    Because of the hot summer, everything is ripening early, so today we started picking our Jon-A-Mac  and Gala apples.   The Jon-A-Mac apples are $12.00 a bushel this year, reduced from last year due to hail marks on them.  (Note:  all of our apples got damaged by a hail storm in May.)   The Gala apples got hit by frost and hail, so we will not have enough of them to sell by the bushel, sorry.  They are in the market now for 65 cents/pound or a peck for $5.00.    We will advise you when each type of apple variety becomes ready by an email and posting it on the website.    Within the next several weeks, we will try to give you an estimate on picking dates and when U-Pick will be ready.

Grapes:  Please check back with us around the 1st of September for an estimate of when grapes might be ready.  Again, everything is going to be early this year.

Onions:  Our Red, White and Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions have all been harvested, tied in bundles and hung to dry and are being bagged into ten-pound-bags for sale.  We did not have many onions this year due to weather related issues.  They are $7.50 for a ten-pound bag.

Our Sweet Spanish onions bagged and ready for sale!

 Summer Vegetables:  As I mentioned last week, the market is bursting with all of the summer vegetable at their peak.  We have beautiful eggplant, peppers, onions, squash, green beans, shell-out beans, sweet corn, cucumbers and cabbage.

As always, thanks for supporting us by buying local fresh produce and products.


Mid August Update

Hi, hard to believe that it is already mid-august, but this is one of my favorite times of the year (my all time favorite is fall) when the market is full of great fruit and all of the summer vegetables.    Here’s what we have at the market now:


  • Peaches
  • Apples
  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon
  • Tomatoes (Slicing, canning, roma, green, grape and cherry tomatoes)


  • Sweet Corn    ****  We currently have a very nice bi-color corn in, picked fresh daily, $4.00/dozen or 3 dozen for $10.00!!****
  • Yellow, Red and White sweet onions
  • Zuchinni and Yellow summer squash
  • EggPlant
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Bell Peppers (Green and Red)
  • Hot Cheyenne peppers
  • Mild Sweet Banana peppers
  • Hot Hungarian Peppers
  • Green Beans

Tomato Update:   This heat has our tomatoes really coming in.  So, we have reduced the price of picked tomatoes on the market to $1.50 per pound or 4 pounds for $5.00.  You can also get bushels of tomatoes while we have an abundance of them for $20.00 per bushel.  It would really help us if you call and order them at least a day in advance. 

U-Pick tomatoes:  Everyone out to pick this week has been very pleased with how easy it is to pick tomatoes and how nice they are this year.  There are a lot there to pick right now, so plan to get yours soon.  There are so many tomatoes right now that there should be plenty for everyone, but just in case we get lots of customers on the same day, it is always better to call ahead just to make sure there are plenty left to pick.  269-244-5690.

Homemade Baked Goods:  Our baked goods, particularly the pies and cookies are becoming so popular, that our bakers are now bringing them Sundays, as well as Fridays and Saturdays.     This week I recommend their apple pie, which is made from our Earli-blaze apples.  This is an amazing pie and apple sauce apple that we currently have for sale in the market.

What’s coming next? 

Bartlett Pears:  We expect our pears to be ready next week.  Bartlett pears are a great eating and canning pear.  If you would like to get bushels of pears, please call us or email us and let us know how many you would like.    Due to a pear shortage in Michigan this year (but not at our farm) we have many new customers who want to get pears.  But….we want to make sure all of our regular customers get them first.  So, we are keeping a list of customers and phone numbers and will call you when they are ready.  Please call us to give us your order at 269-244-5690.

Stanley Prune Plums:  We expect our plums to be ready next week.  If you are looking for bushels of plums, please call to get on our list to be called.

Apples:  Check with us toward the end of August  for an apple update.  Like everything else, we expect them to be early this year to due to hot weather.  The website and an email will be sent out when each variety comes in so you will know when your favorite is ready!!  We will have U-Pick and picked apples.

Grapes:  We expect grapes to be early as well, check with us the first part of September for an update on when they will be ready.  We will have U-Pick grapes, the white Niagra and the purple/blue Concord.

Thanks as always, for supporting us by buying fresh, local produce and other goods from us.  Hope to see you soon.


U-Pick Tomato Field is open again

Our U-Pick tomato field is now open again, hopefully we’ll be able to satisfy all of the pickers coming out, especially with another heat wave coming this week which should keep the tomatoes ripening.  But, please do call before you come, just to make sure that we did not get picked out.   269-244-5690.


U-Pick Tomato Update–Field Closed for Ripening

U-Pick Tomato Field Temporarily Closed for Ripening:  After being open for only a few days, we have had so many people out to pick tmatoes that we need to close it temporarily until more ripen up again.    This always happens when we first open the field, but there are lots of tomatoes yet out there to ripen, so please give us a few days or so.  Please call before you want to come pick to make sure the field is open.    269-244-5690.

Homemade Baked Goods:  Based on the popularity of our baked goods, we have decided to sell them on Sundays now, as well as Friday and Saturday. 



August Update!

U-Pick Tomatoes:   We have opened the U-Pick tomato field.  They are $12.00 a bushel.  Please bring bushel baskets to pick in, or if you don’t have them, you can borrow ours but bring containers (buckets, tubs, boxes, etc.) to transfer your tomatoes into when you are finished.  Please check in at the market first before going to pick for directions and information.

We will be monitoring what is picked and how many are left daily.    If the field  gets picked out, we will close it for ripening, so PLEASE call before you come out to make sure that the field is open and that there is still good picking.  We will have tomatoes up until the first frost hopefully.  269-244-5690.

2010 Field Tomatoes

Picked tomatoes:  We have lots of our own homegrown field tomatoes now on the market, at $1.50 per pound.  We also have Roma tomatoes, grape and cherry tomatoes.  If you need larger quantities of tomatoes picked, they are $24.00 a bushel, but please call to order them in advance. 

Sweet Corn:  If you want to freeze sweet corn, we recommend you get it within the next several weeks.  Bushels of sweet corn, which are 5 dozen, are $17.50 a bushel (or $3.50 a dozen.)  Please order in advance if you can so we can make sure to have it for you.

Peppers:  Our bell peppers are beautiful this year, thanks to the rain and heat which they like!  If you need large quantities, they are $14.00 a bushel, but please call ahead to order in advance.    We also have Hungarian Hot peppers and Sweet Banana peppers this year, only 10 cents each!!  A few weeks ago we got them mixed up when picking and we apologize to those several customers who got hot peppers when they wanted sweet peppers and vice versa.   Since then, we have marked each plant with a color coded flag and also color coded the picking containers!    Since the plants and the peppers look almost identical, the only way to truly know was to taste a pepper off each plant……yes….these are just some of the few things I do for you that you would never know about if I didn’t tell you; and I don’t even like peppers!!

Flags marking Sweet and Hot Pepper plants, 2010

Melons:  Our cantaloupe and watermelon are starting and we are bringing a few in each day.

Apples:  We have some great summer apples in called Earli-blaze.  They are good for eating or cooking! 

Fall Red Raspberries:  We are fortunate to have two local farms which can supply these for us.  They are early this year and we have them now.

Peaches:  We are still only picking a few bushels of peaches each day since there are so few due to the frost and hail storm earlier.  So we only have them available in a 4-pound box for $4.00.\ and do not have larger quantities like bushels.

The market is full of summer vegetables:  summer squash, zucchini, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, onions, eggplant, etc.

Homemade Baked Goods, reminder:  We have them every Friday and Saturday.   Great pies, cupcakes, cookies and cinnamon rolls.

Thanks as always, for supporting us by buying fresh, local produce and other goods from us.  Hope to see you soon.