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Asparagus update

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Asparagus picking:   We have tried to pick asparagus a few times this week, but due to the cold nights, it is coming very slowly.    We will be on a schedule of picking about every other day until the temperatures are more consistent.    So for the next week, if you would like to try to get some, it would be best to contact us either by phone (269-244-5690) or via a return email and tell us how much you would like and leave a phone number where we can contact you.  As we are able to fill your orders, I will call you. 

Asparagus price:  $1.50 per pound pob 다운로드.

Tomato Plants:  We have lots of tomato plants for sale, they are 50 cents each, or you can get a whole flat of 48, for $15.00.  However, you may find yourself doing what we have been doing lately, covering them up at night!!  We just finished covering about 6:00 p.m., no small task given that we have several thousand plants.   Let’s all hope for no frost tonight 네이버 밴드 pc버전 다운로드.


The dedicated crew covering tomato plants on 4-21-10






Asparagus, Tomatoes and Blossom update

Asparagus, Not Yet:

With this unusually warm weather, we are receiving lots of inquiries about whether asparagus is ready.  The initial picking that came up last week froze on one of the cold nights, so we’re waiting for new growth.  Depending on the weather, we might have some the week of April 19th.  We’ll post it on the website as soon as we do and send an email.    You are always welcome to call us:  269-244-5690 터치 vpn 다운로드.

Blossom Time:

If you are in the area, feel free to come look at, smell and take pictures of the orchards in bloom.  The cherries are in full bloom right now, with pears and apples  a few days away.    They are beautiful to see and we would love to share them with you 인디자인 무료 다운로드.

Sweet Cherry blossoms, April 12, 2010

Sweet Cherries in bloom, 4-12-10

Tomatoes:  The tomatoes in our green house are thriving and we should have some ripe within a few weeks. 

Greenhouse tomatoes, April 13, 2010

Field Tomatoes:  Given my Dad’s desire to always have the first tomatoes ripe in  Michigan, he put several thousand plants out in the field in the last few days.    So… we are hoping for no more frost and freezes, but in the meantime, stand by ready to come out and help us cover them up if needed! music getter 다운로드!

Dad and the crew transplanting the first tomato plants in the field, 4-12-10

Tomato Plants for Sale:

We do have extra tomato plants for sale if you would like some, we have several varieties to choose from, the same ones we plant in our own fields every year.   Call us or email us if you would like to get some.  269-244-5690 or you can reply to this email gta4 trainer.

Enjoy the beautiful weather! 


Could it be Spring?

Thanks to everyone who answered our survey, I was overwhelmed by how many of you took the time to answer and your feedback was extremely helpful and gratifying, so THANK YOU so much.  We will be embarking on making a few more changes to the market this year, they will be simple enhancements that we need to make for building upkeeps and a few improvements, we hope you will notice and enjoy them bmp 파일!

So, the warm weather has set us out on our Spring “to do list,” slightly earlier than normal it seems.

Last week we were able to get the straw down on our strawberry rows, yes, that is me driving the tractor and “supervising” to make sure they get just the right amount of straw down Illegal download of architectural studies.

Beth and the crew getting the straw on the rows of strawberries

Then today, we planted our potatoes, those wonderful redskin “new” potatoes we dig fresh daily:

Jay and Tom planting red seed potatoes

Our first tomatoes!  We were quite excited this week to find 3 baby tomatoes on our plants in the greenhouse! c Language download!

First of the season tomato!

So, just a quick update to let you know things are starting to happen for the season.    We will keep you posted on when asparagus will  be ready.  Hope you are enjoying these warm days 윈도우10 부팅디스크 다운로드!


2010 Greetings!

Hope your new year is going well for you.  Despite the cold weather and abundance of snow, things are surprisingly busy at the farm.  We are finishing up trimming the 120 acres of grapes, which we have been at now for 3 months, quite a job Download chrome extensions.

Workers trimming and tying the grape vines

We also planted our tomato plants in the greenhouse this week, which was a lovely place to work at a balmy 80-some degrees as the winter winds blew outside.  These are the tomatoes that we all look forward to ripening in May and giving us back that fresh tomato taste that we missed over the winter.    We planted a few extras that we will have for sale later this spring, so keep that in mind if you want plants 프루나 3.35 다운로드.

Replanting the tomato plants into the greenhouse pots

While we stay busy in the winter with maintenance and trimming, we also take some time to reflect as we plan for the next season.  So now I really need your help, would you please click here (Do a right click and open the link) and take a few minutes and complete this survey so that we can have the important input of our customers?  Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you in a few months when asparagus gets ready!  Meanwhile, stay safe and warm 거래명세서 양식 다운로드.


Closing for the Season on Saturday, November 28th

Our final day for 2009 will be this Saturday, open 9 -5, for sales of our remaining apples.   Forbrandy and wine sales and sampling, the Brandy House will be open on Saturdays only, from 1 – 4 Download by Version of Windows 7.
On behalf of our family, we wish all of you a good holiday season, and thank you for your business. I would especially like to thank everyone for supporting me as I returned to the farm this year.  The opportunity I had to interact with such great customers was very rewarding and gratifying 고전게임 갤러그 다운로드.
The farm is now into a winter maintenance, trimming and rest mode….but before we know it, it will be time to open the seed catalogs and think about getting the greenhouse going Ansta download.
As always, I welcome your input and suggestions about our farm and market.  If there is something you would like us to do different or consider, please email me at coreylakeorchards@gmail.com Google Earth Android.
All the best until we see you next season,