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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

We are open 8 – 6 each day now, even through the holiday weekend.  We still have asparagus ($1.65 pound), Rhubarb ($1.50 pound), hanging flower baskets (2 sizes) and vegetable plants left.   Call ahead if you are looking for a certain kind of vegetable plant to make sure we have it.  269-244-5690 악동뮤지션 노래 다운로드.

From our greenhouse:  We are picking fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from our greenhouse daily, but they are coming on slowly so we  tend to sell out early each day.  Our tomatoes are $2.00 per pound and the cucumbers are $1.00 each.  But finally, it is so good to have a REAL tomato sandwich again 드라스틱 포켓몬스터 블랙2 다운로드!

Our greenhouse tomatoes growing...

What everybody wants to know……the questions of the day:

How much longer will we have asparagus and when will strawberries be ready?  I know you don’t like our answer which is:    It depends on the weather…but given the extremes of our weather this spring, you can see why it difficult to predict anything… 소장판 다운로드.

We are going to try to keep picking asparagus for hopefully another week or 10 days.

The strawberry crop looks good right now, loaded with blossoms and little strawberries coming on.  My best guess is that they might be ready the week of June 12th, but again, totally dependent on how hot it really gets this next week and for how long.   Of course we will keep you posted via our website and emails.  But I would check back with us around June 4th or so to see what the latest is.   We will determine our pricing next week and we are already taking orders for those who want a flat (8 quarts) or more.  Call us to order on:  269-244-5690 챔피언 2018 다운로드.

Strawberries in full bloom, week of 5-23

We will leave you with one final picture of the farm that I took today on my rounds, the blueberries blooming!  They have such a delicate blossom, and as the petals fall away, you can see the formation of a tiny blueberry.    So while the weather extremes this spring have been difficult for us, it is these marvels of nature and the promise of good things to come, that keep us going… sims 4 다운로드.

blueberries blooming, 5-27-11

Happy Memorial Day from everyone at Corey Lake Orchards,


Finally it is starting to feel like spring!

With today’s warm weather and tomorrow’s prediction to be 80 degrees, it is starting to feel like spring, but the cool weather has not slowed us down much.  Since our last update, we have been busy:

New Blueberry field:  We put in 1000 blueberry plants, which tripled the size of our current field.  As most of you know, we have never had enough blueberries to offer U-pick, so we’re excited to get these in, even if we have to wait a few years for them to produce Moonlight Gymnastics 2015.

Beth and her father separating the blueberry plants

New Peach Orchard:  We planted 250 new peach trees, which you will see as you approach our market on the south side of Corey Lake Road 홍반장 다운로드.

Mr. Hubbard inspecting the peach trees prior to planting

Onions:  We got all of our onions planted, no small task as we put in 28,000 old pop song!

Onions: Just planted

Sweet Corn:  We got our first planting of sweet corn in, just before it rained on Thursday night embed pdf!

Planting the first sweet corn of the 2011 season on April 7th

Tomato Update:  Our greenhouse tomatoes are thriving, full of blooms and tomatoes 묵검향 월풍 다운로드! There is even one row of tomato plants out in the field already, in the annual quest for my father to have the first field tomato in Michigan!!  Because we had to replant the greenhouse tomatoes due to losing them in February’s ice storm, we have extra plants right now if you would like to get a few.    These are specially potted in large and medium size pots and can be put on your patio, needing to bring them inside of course if frosts and freeze are predicted.    Consider giving a nice tomato plant this year (already blooming!) instead of an Easter Lilly liveleak! The large pots are $5 and the medium size are $3.  You can stop anytime to get these or call us for more information:  269-244-5690.

Example of potted tomato plants for sale

Tomatoes growing in our greenhouse

Regular tomato plants coming later for your garden:

We will have plenty of field tomato plants coming in a few weeks for you to purchase for your gardening needs.  We usually have extras of peppers, melons, eggplant, cucumbers, and other vegetable plants that we will offer as available.  Check website later for availability Setler6 download.

Spring is always a hectic time for us, but we are excited to finally get another growing season underway so we can bring you fresh, local produce Fantastic water warfare download.


End of July Update

Baked Goods!! We started offering homemade baked goods last weekend and and will continue to do so on Fridays and Saturdays.   Michaela (who you will find working in the market most afternoons) and her mother, Patti Eberhard, are the bakers 크롬 위험한 파일 다운로드.   Based on the number of people who came back the next day to buy more, everyone found them as delicious as I did.  They will have pies (made with our fruit), cookies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.   This week I highly recommend their peach pies, made with our peaches picked fresh this week. 

Peach Update:  We are starting to bring in a few peaches each day.  The early varieties were hit the hardest by the frost, we have very few each day and tend to sell out early.   If you are coming out for peaches, you might want to call ahead to make sure we have them or ask us to save them.    They are $4.00 for a  4 pound box 네이버 나눔스퀘어 다운로드.

Blueberries:  This weekend will be our last weekend for blueberries, the season has come to an end.

Field Tomatoes:  Finally, they are starting to come in, we picked 7 bushels today.   We will advise you within the next few weeks as to when we will open the U-Pick tomato field and the price 웹서버 이미지 다운로드.

Weather related issues:  This has been one of the most difficult years ever for us due to weather problems.  My father who has farmed here faithfully for 43 years has seen things this year he has never experienced, like the  May 20th hailstorm, the torrential rains that bring so much rain  so quickly at one time, leaving our crops sitting in water, and the days and days of scorching heat.  All of this has taken its toll on some of our crops,  which is causing us to bring in some produce from other area local farms.  We  pride ourselves on “growing what we sell”  but we also realize that when you come to our market, you want to get the produce you are accustomed to getting.  So on a select basis, we will be bringing in other produce from growers that we know,  with the quality we know you expect.  

We enjoyed this visit yesterday by a group from France stopping at the market as they were biking through the area.   Not everybody can ride a bike balancing a dozen sweet corn 심시티3000 코리아 다운로드!

Group from France Visiting the Market


Thanks as always, for supporting us by buying fresh, local produce and other goods from us rooting app. Hope to see you soon.


Mid July Update

Given the heat and the nice rain last week, the market is now abundant with summer produce, so come on over!  We have:

  • Sweet Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Cucumbers (all sizes)
  • Peppers, both green bell and sweet banana
  • Egg plant
  • Onions
  • Red Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Yellow summer squash and zuchinni

Tomatoes:  Finally, this morning we picked our first half bushel of field tomatoes, but they are coming on slowly.  It will be several more weeks before we will have U-Pick tomatoes.  We still have our greenhouse tomatoes in the meantime.  Plus…..since we have now taken out our greenhouse for the year, we stripped the plants of the remaining green tomatoes, so we are offering a special on green tomatoes:

          Green Tomatoes:  1/2 bushel for $5.00 !!     In addition to making fried green tomatoes, you can make green tomato relish and even salsa 정희라 다운로드!

Blueberries:  Our blueberries are just finishing for the year, we will hopefully have them through this coming weekend.

Peaches:  We have a light crop of peaches again this year due to the spring freeze, as well hail as damage from the May hailstorm , but we hope to have some in about 10 days to two weeks Production101.

Melons:  Both watermelon and canteloupe are still several weeks away.

Pears:  We have a great crop of pears and will give you an update about mid August as to when they will be ready 집배코드 다운로드.

New!!  Baked Goods!!  Starting this week, on Fridays and Saturdays, we will have homemade baked goods.  Michaela (who you will find working in the market most afternoons) and her mother, Patti Eberhard, are the bakers, and I can personally attest to how great their baked goods are!  They will have pies (made with our fruit), cookies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls 노트2 순정펌웨어 다운로드.

Lawn services.  Several of you who have summer homes here or are leaving on vacation have asked me about whether I know of anyone who can help with your lawn.    In fact, my son Jay, who also works here on the farm and many of you know, has a side business of lawncare services, including mowing, trimming and this fall, leaf pick up.  He can be reached on 517-507-2525 or at JayKitzinger@verizon.net r Studio download.

Thanks as always, for supporting us by buying fresh, local produce and other goods from us.  Hope to see you soon. 


Happy 4th of July weekend!

Here’s wishing everyone a great holiday weekend!   I wanted to let you know what we will have at the market this weekend and also to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, such as:

When will you have sweet corn tweezers elegantly?  We hope we will be able to start picking some this weekend, probably Saturday.

Why don’t you have any tomatoes 트위치 대시보드 다운로드?  Remember those really hot weeks we had in May and June?  It caused all of our greenhouse tomatoes to ripen at the same time.  Many of you commented that you could not believe how our counters were overflowing with tomatoes.  We try hard each year to time this just right so that our greenhouse tomatoes carry us to our field tomatoes, but due to the hot weather we had early, we missed it.  Knowing that many of you want a tomato to slice on a hamburger or BLT this weekend, we purchased tomatoes today from another grower that we know in Indiana who had extra greenhouse tomatoes.  We normally do not do this and prefer not to, as we like to hold true to “growing what we sell,” but we have made an exception and so…..this weekend, we actually do have tomatoes, they are just not grown on our farm rufus 2.9.

How come we have missed strawberries and cherries?  It is hard to believe these are gone for the year, but again, due to those extremely hot weeks we had earlier this year, everything is running 10 days to 2 weeks early.  So, keep this in mind as the year progresses. 

So, what else do you have in the market this weekend 도로명 다운로드?  We have yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh onions, new red potatoes, green beans, snow peas, sugar peas, cabbage, and cauliflower.  And…..blueberries!  How much of everything we pick each day varies, so you are always welcome to call the market before you drive over to make sure we have what you are looking for or to ask us to save it for you.  269-244-5690 Nintendo Switch rom download.

So, have a safe and wonderful weekend and thanks as always, for supporting us by buying fresh, local produce and other goods from us.