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Hot, Hot, Hot and lots of produce!

The Heat:  Okay, it is hot, VERY hot as you all know.  Certainly the heat is having an impact on all of us as we just try to get  through the day, but it is impacting our crops as well.  Short term, it is ripening everything all at once.  We literally have an “explosion” of yellow summer squash, so many coming at the same time we could fill a large truck.  PLEASE help us by buying some at our special reduced rate, we even have some great recipes for you to try as well.    We are seeing other unusual things like we are picking two of our plantings of sweet corn at the same time (they were planted 8 days apart, meaning the second planting caught up to the first with the heat….. the same phenomenon is happening with green beans and other things.)  Longer term, this could have an impact on the fruit like apples and pears which are still maturing.  Something else you might notice is that the heat causes vegetables to grow so quickly that they become misshaped.   We are particularly seeing this with potatoes and green peppers right now.  So, please work with us as Mother Nature changes the produce a bit, while it may have a different shape, it is still fresh and tastes wonderful.

Also, due to the extreme heat we are trying to leave as much produce in the cooler as we can, so some of the bins of vegetables may seem like we don’t have many, feel free to ask if there is more to bring out.

For those of you following the Hummingbird flower garden, almost all of the flowers are in bloom, including the sunflowers.  Thus, we will have lots of flowers for sale this weekend, including sunflowers.  Bring your own vase if you want and make your own bouquet!

Sunflowers in the Hummingbird garden, 7-20-11 The little "specs" on the flowers are bees pollinating

Yes, we have Sweet Corn!  We started picking corn this week and should have it all weekend.  It is bi-color.  We have been selling out early each day, so if you want corn, come early in the day or call us to save it for you.  (269-244-5690).

Denim "guarding" the corn on the way back from the day's picking

Baked goods:  Our bakers are bringing a new pie this weekend called “cherry berry.”  made with cherries, blueberries and cranberries.    Be sure to check that out.  Also, if Michaela waits on you, be sure to thank her and her family for going out blueberry picking during this hot week in order that they could pick and freeze enough blueberries to make pies for the  rest of the year!

Blueberries:  Our blueberries will be ending this week, but we will continue to bring them in as we have been from Leduc’s in Paw Paw.    They are telling us they will have blueberries for several more weeks.    We have them available in 10-pound boxes for $25, 5-pound boxes for $13.00, $5 a quart or $3 a pint.

Summer vegetables: The market shelves are full now with the summer bounty:  green beans, red/white/yellow onions, green bell peppers, sweet banana peppers, hot Hungarian peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, green and yellow zucchini, peas, sweet corn, new red potatoes, and lots of yellow summer squash!

Tomatoes:  Our field tomatoes are slow in coming, despite the heat.  Fortunately, our greenhouse tomatoes are still coming in.  We have also started picking green tomatoes daily for those of you yearning for fried green tomatoes!!

Lodi apples:  This will be the final weekend to get Lodi apples, which is a great applesauce apple.  We will have more varieties of summer apples following this one.

Brandy tasting this Saturday:  Our brandy house will be open from 1 – 4 on Saturday, please come meet our new brandy maker, Bruce.  He had his first experience this week making brandy, he may have a few stories to tell about it!

So we know it is going to be a hot weekend, but we would still love to see you coming out for fresh local produce and other goods.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards




Blueberries are here!

Another summer favorite is finally ready:  Blueberries! We started picking this week and will be picking daily.  Due to our field being older and not producing sufficient quantities, we will not be able to have any U-Pick this year, sorry.  We also will supplement what we pick from our field with additional ones we will pick up locally from Leduc’s.  This will allow us to make sure we always have blueberries when you come and offer them in larger quantities.  Blueberries are:  $3.00/pint, $5.00/quart, $13.00 for a 5-pound box and $25 for a 10-pound box.    If you are interested in larger quantities, it would help us if you could order them in advance.  269-244-5690.  Thanks.

The good news is that we planted 1000 bushes this year,  so as they mature in a few years, we should have plenty of blueberries and be able to offer U-Pick.

Blueberries ripening; 7-4-11

Raspberries:  We have two local suppliers who will be bringing in black and red raspberries as available.  These are $3.50/pint.  Feel free to call us to see if we have them on hand as it varies by day.

Summer Vegetables:  Each day we bring in more and more summer vegetables:  Fresh dug red potatoes, freshly pulled onions, zucchini, yellow summer squash, peas, cucumbers, lettuce, green bell peppers, hot Hungarian peppers and sweet banana peppers.   The quantities available vary by day, so call us if you want us to hold something for you after we bring them in each morning.  269-244-5690.

“Make Your own flower bouquet:”  On Friday, Saturday and Sundays, we will set up a “make your own flower bouquet” station.  Bring your own vase or buy one of ours.  These are picked from the hummingbird garden adjacent to the market.

Sample of flowers from the Hummingbird garden to "make your own bouquet'

Tomato shortage: Sorry,  we currently cannot keep up with the customer demand for our greenhouse tomatoes, so they are not available every day.    Hopefully soon the field tomatoes will start ripening so we have fresh tomatoes for you each day.

Lodi Apples are coming soon!  The first apple of summer might be ready by this weekend.  If you don’t know this apple, it is the modern version of what was known as the old fashioned “transparent apple.”   They have a thick yellow skin and a sharp/tart taste!  Due to its ability to cook down very quickly, it makes a great (but tart!) applesauce.  Those folks who like sour things like sour candies, also like to eat them fresh.  We seem to have a bumper crop of them year, so give us a call if you would like to place an order and have us call you when they are ready.

Lodi apples, week of 7-4-11

Sour Cherries are now gone for the season, we are picking the last few very ripe cherries off the tree tomorrow hoping to make some cherry brandy!

Where are green beans and sweet corn? These seem to be the most frequently asked question:  Our answer is:  They are coming, but totally dependent on the weather.  We expect to have both in about 10 days to 2 weeks.

Again, thank you for buying local.

From everyone at Corey Lake Orchards