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Sweet Corn is back and we have Fruit!!

Sweet corn is back and we should have it daily now.  It is the bi-color sweet corn from the Stear’s Farm in Constantine.  The corn picked and delivered today looks beautiful!!

Much to our surprise, we discovered the cantaloupe were ready today.   So we will be bringing these in daily now as they ripen.  They are incredibly sweet this year (thanks to the dry conditions—see there is some good to no rain.)

We also have started picking some summer apples.  These are for pies, sauce and eating—they are a tart apple.  We have Jersey Mac’s and Earli-Blaze and are selling them in 2-quart boxes.  We will have Earli-blaze for sale by the bushel in about one more week.

Blueberries:  Just when we had given up on our blueberries, the last few rains have renewed them so we are picking a few more over the next few days.

Tomatoes:  Our field tomatoes are coming in more plentiful each day, so soon we will stop picking the greenhouse tomatoes.  It sure has been nice to have had those since April though, hasn’t it??  We will let you know when the field tomatoes are ready for U-Pick.  It will be several more weeks at least.

Given the weather and the nature of produce, things are constantly changing.  So always feel free to give us a call before you drive out to make sure we have what you are looking for.  269-244-5690.

Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards

Vegetables R Us!

More Rain!!  We were delighted on Wednesday to wake up to the sound of rain which provided almost an inch, we again were so thankful for the rain and for all of you who left us messages after our last email with your support.

The market continues to be full with summer vegetables:

  • Sweet Corn
  • Cabbage
  • Eggplant
  • Several varieties of peppers
  • Many sizes of cucumbers
  • Kale
  • Swiss Chard
  • Shell out peas
  • Broccoli
  • Red, white and yellow onions
  • Squash:  zucchini, yellow summer and spaghetti
  • Green Beans and “shell out” beans
  • Fresh dug red potatoes
  • Many types of herbs

Tomatoes:  We still have plenty of our greenhouse tomatoes and are starting to bring in some field tomatoes, cherry and grape tomatoes.  We always bring in plenty of green tomatoes for those who want to do fried green tomatoes!

Onions:  We are continuing to harvest our onions so you will find them hanging all over our buildings to dry and “cure’ so they will keep.  We planted 45,000 so before we are finished we will cover most of our buildings!

A truck load of onions ready to be hung to dry, 7-16-12

Flowers:   While the cutting garden has suffered with the heat, the gladiolus and sunflowers we grew in the field are beautiful.   Come make a bouquet!

Many colors of glad’s to choose from!

Baked Goods and Brandy:  The baked goods shelves are stocked and Bruce will be open for tasting and tours in the brandy house on Saturday from 1 – 4.

Summer Fruit Update:  While it is nice go have an abundance of vegetables, we are sorry that we currently do not have any fruit.  Our blueberries are gone for the year.  We are waiting on the following:

  • Peaches:  maybe a few by next weekend, check with us around July 27th
  • Earliblaze apples:  This is a great summer apple for eating and cooking, we hope to have some next weekend– July 27th
  • Canteloupe and Watermelon:  check back around August 6th

Peaches ripening on the tree, still about a week away

Grapes:  Check back with us around the middle of August for a grape update as we expect them to be ready early this year.  We will have a good crop of both white niagara and blue concord grapes.    We will not have any pricing information until right before harvest time.

Fall Apples.  As you probably know, we lost most of our apple crop in the April freeze.  We hope to be able to give you more information on availability of our fall apples around the middle of August.   We are not able to take any orders at this time for apples.

Another “old sign” added to the market.  Many thanks to one of our great customers who was at an antique auction and got this sign for our market.  As you have seen from my displays, I am always looking for old fruit and vegetable signs and other market antiques.  Denim has taken up guard next to the new sign.

As always thanks for buying local, we hope to see you soon.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards





Crop Update, Easter Sales and Plants for Sale

Crop update:  It looks like so far our crops made it through  Monday night’s cold temperature, but there are probably some more worrisome nights ahead of us yet.   If you have driven by lately, you’ll see that virtually everything is now in full bloom, which normally happens in May.  So be forewarned, everything will be early this year.  As soon as the weather settles out, we’ll try to provide you with a forecast as to when you can expect certain crops.

Peaches in bloom, with sweet cherries blooming in the background, 3-25-12

Sweet Corn is still coming, Knee high by Mother's Day??!!

 Asparagus:  Mother nature gave the signal with the warm temperatures for the asparagus to start, we picked about a bushel, then with the cool weather this week, it has slowed down considerably.   Given the current weather, we may have it for sale in about a week.  If you want to have us call you when it is ready, please call the market and leave your phone number and how many pounds you would like:   269-244-5690.  What does look promising, again depending on the weather, is you could plan asparagus into your Easter dinner!

Baked goods for Easter:  Since we expect to be open for Easter, our bakers will do special Easter orders, available for pick up on Saturday, April 7th.  The Easter selection and pricing will be:


  • Decorated egg-shaped sugar cookies (75 cents each)
  • Monster cookies (50 cents each)
  • Chocolate chip cookies (50 cents each)

Pies:  $9 each

  • Peach
  • Cherry
  • Dutch Apple
  • Regular Apple
  • Blueberry

Please order in advance by calling us at 269-244-5690 or by leaving us an email back.   Include information on what you want and a phone number.

Tomato Update:  With the 80+ degree weeks we had in March, the greenhouse averaged about 100 degrees each day, so our greenhouse tomatoes are ahead of schedule and looking great.

Lots of little green tomatoes coming! 3-27-12

Even the fifty some plants we have in the field have little tomatoes on them, which is why we covered them up Monday night to protect them from frost damage.

Covering up field tomatoes on 3-26-12 to protect from frost

Plants/Seed Potatoes for sale:  We have  plants available for sale as our stock came in this week and we have some extra.  Call us at 269-244-5690 or email us if you would like to have us save some for you.

Strawberry varieties are:  Annapolis, Earliglow, AC Wendy, Jewel, Allstar and Donna.  They are $1.50 per plant.

Onion Plants varieties (All sweet) are:  Candy, Red Candy Apple, Super Star, Yellow Spanish, White Spanish-Ringmaster.  They are 5 cents per plant.

Seed Potatoes--Red Norland:  These are 10 cents/potato.  This is the same kind that we have grown and sold here for years.

Large Tomato Plants:  These are about 2 feet tall and are in bloom.  Consider buying a tomato plant for someone’s Easter gift this year instead of the traditional flower!!  These are the perfect size for a large patio pot or to put a few out in the yard or garden for early tomatoes.    We have Biltmore and Rocky Top available.  These large plants are $6 each or 2/$10.  We will have the normal field tomato plants for sale later in May.

Large tomato plants for sale

All for now, Happy spring!






Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Labor Day Weekend:  We will be open all weekend from 8 – 6 daily, including the holiday on Monday.  We hope to see you!

Exciting news!!  We are opening up U-Pick apples this weekend since we have so many early apples ready to be picked.  We have never had as many early apples before as we have this year, plus they are beautiful.   There are four varieties ready that you may pick:

  1. JonaMac
  2. Mollies Delicious
  3. Gala
  4. Macintosh

They will be $15 a bushel to pick.  Please bring baskets or containers if you have them.  We will give you baskets to pick in.

We are pleased that we can open this weekend as we know many people will be in the area for Labor Day weekend and would like to have the “apple picking experience” with their families, especially so that the kids can take their teacher an apple they picked themselves!!

Mollies Delicious: A large, sweet eating apple, the perfect apple for your favorite teacher

Picked apples:  If you want your apples already picked, we will have the same four varieties available on the market as well.

A happy apple customer!

Fall apples:  The remainder of the fall apples are not ready yet.  We will open for those to pick probably mid-September.  We have lots of apples this year, so there will be plenty when we open for picking.

U-Pick Tomatoes:  We have finally opened U-Pick tomatoes.  They are $12 a bushel.  Please bring your own containers or baskets.    Until there are “lots” of tomatoes, we are limiting each picking group to 5 bushels.    We expect to have tomatoes until the first frost.  Please call ahead before you come out to pick tomatoes to check the picking conditions since we never can tell how many customers might pick in one day.   269-244-5690.

Grape Update:  If you are out this weekend, that wonderful aroma you smell is the white Niagara grapes!  They have really changed in the past week and are ripening nicely.  For your planning purposes, we think the white Niagara grapes will be ready the week of 9-11 and the Concords possibly the week of 9-18 or later.  Call us by September 10th and we will hopefully have an opening date for U-Pick and the pricing.

Summer Vegetables:  We still have sweet corn, green beans, peppers, and tomatoes on the market.    We still have lots of onions left.  Time to get them to store for the winter.  We also have red potatoes for sale by the bushel.

Fruit:   Our seeded watermelon are ready and very sweet. along with cantaloupe, peaches, pears and plums.    And of course the beautiful apples that we already mentioned!!

Baked goods:  Our bakers will have all of their usual goodies this weekend (starting Friday) and also will have them on Monday for the holiday.

Brandy House:  The Brandy house will be open for tasting and tours on Saturday, from 1 – 4.  Bruce would love to host you.

This Labor Day will mark the 6th year since the loss of Allene Hubbard, my mother who started this beautiful market.  We all work hard to honor her legacy by maintaining the market in the spirit she imparted to all of us.  Thank you to all of the customers who continue to think of her and share her memory with us.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards








Mid August Update

Welcome Racers:  We want to welcome all of the racers and volunteers participating in the Three Rivers Triathlon/Duathlon on Saturday, August 20th.  Good luck to each of you and know that when you are finished, there will be fresh apples, watermelon and canteloupe provided by Corey Lake Orchards to refresh you.    You are welcome to participate in our own sporting event if you choose:

  • Duathlon:  Pick a bushel of tomatoes, then carry two large watermelon at a time from the field to the waiting tractor.
  • Triathlon:  Pick a bushel of tomatoes, then carry two large watermelon at a time from the field to the waiting tractor, dig one bushel of potatoes (we will loan you the shovel) and carry them into the market for us!!

Summer Apples:  We have two great summer apples on the market right now.  Jersey Macs and Earli-blaze.  They are both excellent for eating or cooking.  We have samples of each for you to try to see which you like best.   They are available by the bushel, peck, 1/2 peck of pound. For those of you who love the Jersey Mac, this is the last weekend for them. so hurry over.

Baked goods:  Our bakers are offering fresh peach pie this week (because it is finally peach season!!) andfresh apple pie made out of our Earli-blaze apples.   I can personally attest to both of these pies being delicious.  Of course the bakers say it is because of their crust, I say it is because of our fruit.    You decide….

Watermelons are here:  We started bringing in watermelon today.   These are the real thing: Crimson Sweet (striped round with seeds) or Charleston Grey (long green oblong with seeds.)  Sorry, we don’t grow any seedless watermelon as we find seeded watermelon so much tastier.

Canteloupe:   The canteloupe must have loved this summer’s weather, as they are really nice this year, and so sweet.    We have three sizes:  Medium, Large and Extra-large (and even we are shocked by the size of the extra large!)  The season is at its peak right now and won’t last much longer so come out and get some.

Peaches:  We still have Red Haven peaches, available in small eating quantities only, no bushels.  We have a very small peach orchard since we took out a peach orchard last fall.

Sweet Corn:  Our own sweet corn is now gone for the season, but we will be bringing in Stears Sweet corn (white and bi-color) hopefully through Labor Day weekend.

Greenhouse Tomatoes:    We finished taking out the greenhouse this week,  a huge thank you to all of our customers who have faithfully bought greenhouse tomatoes from us since April.  We have a few left to sell, plus all of the remaining green tomatoes we are selling for 50 cents a pound, this is the time to make fried green tomatoes!!

U-Pick Field Tomatoes We are having a very difficult tomato growing year based on a number of field conditions and the weather, beginning with the spring planting.    We had to replant them several times this spring,  which is one of the reasons causing them to be late.    The extremely hot/humid weather in July caused excessive mold/mildew.  Now some of the plants have developed late blight.    There are good years and bad years in farming; and with last year’s tomato crop being so good, this year’s is disappointing.  However,  we still have good tomatoes, with the same great flavor that you are used to getting from us.

Given the need to continue to take care of the tomato plants and keep them as healthy as possible as the tomatoes ripen, we have decided we must postpone U-Pick until at least some time in September.  Knowing our customers are anxious to start canning tomatoes, we will pick them and offer “field tomato seconds” at the same price you could have picked them for: $12 a bushel.  A field tomato “second” is simply a “not so perfect tomato.”   It might have a crack, a skin mark where the tomato touched the wet ground, or be mis-shaped.  These are perfect for canning, you will just have a little extra work to cut some of the spots out.     If you would like these, please call and give us your name, phone number, and quantity desired (limit of 3 bushels per customer until we get everyone some tomatoes).  We will call you as soon as we can get them for you.  269-244-5690.

We will still have tomatoes to pick once we open the U-Pick in September, for $12/bushel.  Check back at the very end of August to see if we have an opening date.  We have about  80  plants that we put in late, which have not even started turning red yet!  So far, these plants are large and beautiful, have not been affected by the blight and are producing lots of tomatoes, if you can just be patient and let them grow and ripen!!  Your patience and support of this change is appreciated as we work through this problem.

Other vegetables on the market:  onions, red potatoes, various kinds of peppers, summer squash, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, cabbage, kale and collard greens.

Brandy House:  The brandy house will be open on Saturday from 1 – 4 for tasting and to learn about how we make brandy.

Fall apples and grapes:  We have a good crop of both this year and will have them available for U-Pick and picked in the market.  They are going to be late this year by about 10 days to two weeks.  Check back the week of September 5th for an update on how they are progressing.

Sorry, no pictures again as my camera has still not turned up from being lost.    I still think it got lost picking corn, if you happened to find a camera in your dozen of corn, please let me know!

Thanks as always for buying local goods and produce.

Beth and everyone else at Corey Lake Orchards