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Yeah!! Apple Harvest is complete!!

It always feels like such a relief every year to finish the apple harvest.  Our dedicated and hard-working picking crew finished on Tuesday, took a few afternoons off and today we started laying out our plan for pruning the trees in preparation for next year.    So…..what this means is our dedicated and hard-working market crew has the apples ready to sell and are happy to help you select apples for fresh eating, cooking and ones that will store well for winter use.  We highly recommend the Fuji and Red Rome apple for winter storing and can give you tips on how to best store your apples.

Since we had a small apple crop this year due to the spring frost, we plan to close early this year, so you have 10 more days to get your supply of apples, winter squash, onions, honey, maple syrup, brandy, peppers, tomatoes, pies to freeze for Thanksgiving and all of the other items you want.    Our last official day for the year will be Sunday, October 14th.

Apple update:  Apples are continuing to go fast given how few we have this year.    We encourage you to call ahead to make sure the apple you want is available.   If we have the apples in the market when you call, we are happy to hold them for you.   269-244-5690.  We will continue to keep our 2012 chart on the website updated with the latest information.    You can find the link to the chart on the home page of our website:  http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/2012/08/apple-update-for-2012/

The following apples are available in the market:

  • Cameo (bushels, half bushels, pecks, half pecks and by the pound)
  • Fuji (bushels, half bushels, pecks, half pecks and by the pound)
  • Golden Delicious (pecks, half pecks and by the pound)
  • Golden Supreme (half pecks only and by the pound)
  • Honeycrisp (half pecks and by the pound only)
  • Pink Lady (bushels, half bushels, pecks, half pecks and by the pound)
  • Red Delicious (bushels, half bushels, pecks, half pecks and by the pound)
  • Red Rome  (bushels, half bushels, pecks, half pecks and by the pound)

The following apples are gone for the year:

  • Braeburn
  • Cortland
  • Gala
  • EarliBlaze
  • Ida Red
  • Macintosh
  • Molly’s Delicious
  • Mutsu
  • JonaGold
  • JonaMac
  • Jonathan
  • Nu-Red

Cider:  This week’s cider blend is gala, golden delicious, red delicious, rome, fuji and cameo.     Please ask for a sample if you want to try it.  We pressed some cider today (Thursday October 4th) and will have it available tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, we had press issues and did not finish a full run , but we think we have enough for about 2 – 3 days.   We are working to get the mill fixed and hope to make it one more time before we close for the year.   Please call ahead to make sure we have it before you drive over (269-244-5690).

U-Pick Grapes: There are still purple Concord grapes to pick, but they are very ripe and splitting.    If you plan to make juice or wine, they would be okay to still get them.

Fall Ornamentals and Jack O’Lantern pumpkins are here: We have some beautiful and hardy mums in all colors, white pumpkins, cinderella pumpkins, miniature gourd pumpkins and all kinds of other gourds, in addition to the Jack o’ lantern pumpkins.  The painted pumpkins and gourds by Diane are here and are as cute as they are each year.  We have many small pie pumpkins this year that are perfect for classroom parties, Halloween parties, preschool rooms, etc.  If you need 25 or more, ask us about special pricing.

Peppers, Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Eggplant:  In anticipation of the frost coming (supposedly this weekend??) we have harvested all of these so it is your last chance to get a fresh tomato for one last BLT.

Winter Squash:  We have butternut, buttercup, acorn,  hubbard, heart of gold  and sweet dumpling squash.

Onions:  This is the time to be buying your onions to store for the winter.  We have them in mesh bags and still have red, yellow and white available, all sweet onions.

Baked Goods: This weekend we will have Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, and Cran-Apple pies, all of our apple pies are made with the fresh apples grown here at our farm.  We also will have apple dumplings which are made using our whole cored Cortland apples. They will also have pumpkin cupcakes (the same ones everyone loved last year), along with cookies.

Fall Color Tour:  The Three Rivers Fall Color Tour is Sunday, October 14th this year.  We will be participating in it and doing our usual thing of having art vendors, the Birds of Prey Exhibit from 1 – 3, samples of produce, etc.    Put this on your calendar and plan to join us.  You can view the entire fall color tour brochure here:  http://rivercountry.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Color-Tour-Brochure-FINAL-2012.pdf

We hope to see you soon and thanks as always for buying local.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Halloween Weekend

Halloween Weekend is here!   We still have plenty of apples, cider, pumpkins and other items for your holiday plans.  Plus, Denim and I will be dressed up in our special Halloween costumes!

Market closing date:   It looks like we will be open until Mid November, based on the number of apples we still have left.    Effective November 1st, we will be open daily from 9:30 to 5:30.   However, you may want to call before you come out to make sure that we have what you are looking for as we will start selling out of some apple varieties.  269-244-5690.

Brandy House Hours and Brandy Sales:  We will continue to have the Brandy House open each Saturday from 1 – 4 for tours, tasting and sales, even after we close the market.

Apple Specials:  Since we are trying to “wind down the season” we have many apple specials going on, call or ask one of our clerks about these.  269-2444-5690.

Cider:  We will continue to make cider as long as there is a demand for it…hint, hint.   The apples we are mixing together for cider now are at their absolute peak flavor so the cider is delicious.  This is the time to get it and freeze it.  If you buy over 10 gallons, it is only $4 a gallon.  Simply pour off a cup from the jug to allow expansion room, then freeze.  When unfreezing, allow it to totally thaw then shake it before pouring to re-blend the flavor.

U-Pick “After harvest” apple gleaning:  There are still plenty of apples to get off the tree or from the ground for $4 a bushel.    This is the perfect way to get some to make a lot of juice/applesauce or to feed animals.

U-Pick Grapes:  Surprisingly we still have some purple Concord and white Niagara grapes yet to pick!

Keeping apples for the winter:  Many of you have asked the best way to store your apples, here is a brief “how to.”  We have copies of this available at the market and will be happy to help you pick out varieties.

  • Apples are best kept in your refrigerator, preferably the crisper drawer or in an unsealed plastic  bag.  Refrigerate apples separately from vegetables because apples naturally release small amounts of ethylene gas that can be damaging to lettuce and other produce.  If you have a root cellar, you can keep larger amounts there if it is cool, dry and dark. 
  • For every 10 degrees above 30°F, the apples’ lifespan decreases dramatically.  You do not want the apples’ temperature to fall below 30°F, however, because that will make them freeze and turn to mush when they’re thawed. Their cell walls will all collapse.  Therefore, apples are best stored somewhere around 30-35°F, in a humid environment.
  •  If storing apples in the fridge, place them inside a crisper drawer and lay a slightly dampened paper towel on top of the apples.  Apples are one of the few fruits that really do benefit from being stored in the fridge as quickly as possible. Keep them in the crisper drawer with aforementioned damp paper towel, or else keep them in perforated plastic bags in a cold shed or cellar.
  • There is trust to that old adage: “One bad apple rots the whole bunch.” Apples give off a lot of ethylene gas, and so just one bruised and rotting apple will give off enough to swiftly ripen (and rot) the others. If you have any bruises or soft spots on an apple, set it aside for eating. Don’t store with the other apples.
  • Ultimately, if you’re planning on storing a lot of apples for the winter, look for firm, long-lasting apples. These are usually thick-skinned, tart apples.   We recommend storing Rome or Fuji,  properly stored they will last until spring.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Beth and everyone else at Corey Lake Orchards





Come enjoy the beautiful weekend weather with us at the orchard & vineyard!

What a beautiful week we have had and a forecast for a great weekend as well.   It will be the perfect weekend to come out and enjoy the fall colors, pick some apples, taste our cider, pick out pumpkins and smell the aroma from the grape vineyards.

U-Pick apples:   We still have a lot of apples to pick, but on some varieties you may need to bring a ladder as they are up in the tops of the trees.  Apples which are still plentiful are:  Red Delicious, Cortland, Fuji, Jonathan, Northern Spies and Cameo.

Red Delicious are so thick on the trees this year they hang in "ropes" so fun to pick!!

U-Pick grapes (Concord and Niagara):  The customer demand for grapes this year has surprised us, so they will not last much longer.   Please call before you come out to make sure there are some left.

Customer who filled their entire trunk with Concord grapes they picked....

Then fit the rest in the car with them!

Concord grapes: great for juice, jelly and wine!

Cider:  We are pressing fresh cider 2 to 3 times per week now, the flavor gets better with each pressing as the apples get riper and riper as the season goes on.    Ask for a sample when you are here and try it for yourself.

Picked Apples:  Here is what we have in the market for picked apples:

  • Braeburn*
  • Cameo
  • Cortland
  • Fuji
  • Golden Supreme
  • Honey Crisp
  • Ida Red*
  • Jonathan
  • Nu-Red*
  • Red Delicious
  • Spy’s
  • Yellow (Golden) Delicious*

*This indicates we do not have many of these left, if you want some, you may want to call us and have us reserve them for you.  269-244-5690.

Sadly, the following are now gone for the season, many of our favorities…..

  • Gala
  • JonaMac
  • JonaGold
  • McIntosh
  • Molly’s Delicious
  • Mutsu

Our 50th anniversary apple special!  This marks the 50th year our farm has been in business, originally starting as an apple orchard.  To celebrate this milestone and to reward our many loyal long-time customers, we have “rolled back” the price of Red Delicious apples.  Fifty years ago, Red Delicious were one of the most popular apples.  They sold then for $5 a bushel.  So we are offering each customer an opportunity to purchase them once again at that price:  $5 a bushel (Limit of 3 per customer.)    You will find these in large bins outside our market, just grab a bushel bag and fill it up.  This is a great way to get apples and share with neighbors, friends, schools, donate to food shelters, etc.   In the days and weeks to come, we will be giving you some additional information about the 50 years of our farm’s history.

Yes for real, $5 a bushel

Customers filling their Red Delicious bushels

It is possible to get a bushel of Red Delicious in a motorcyle!

Fall Ornamentals:  We have a great variety of mums, gourds, warty pumpkins, Indian corn and Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins for sale.  We also have painted pumpkins and gourds, done once again for us by Diane Jones, they are adorable.

Fall Squash:  We have butternut, acorn, hearts of gold, spaghetti and Hubbard squash.

Baked Goods:  A new addition for fall (besides the apple dumplings) are pumpkin muffins.  I personally ate one entire dozen by myself last week they were so good.

Brandy House:  When planning your trip to the orchard this weekend, remember the brandy house is open for tasting and tours on Saturday from 1 – 4.

Fall Color Tour:  The annual Fall Color Tour is Sunday, October 16th, from 11 – 5.  We will be part of the tour once again and will have arts and crafts, brandy tasting and tours, free cider and apple samples, Live Birds of Prey Exhibit (1pm to 3pm)  and many other fun and interesting things.   More to come on that next week, but mark your calendar.

We hope to see you this weekend. Beth and everyone else at Corey Lake Orchards.


Rain, Rain, Rain…..and where did the month of September go??

Enough with the rain, we have had over 3 inches here in the last few days….definitely taking its toll on all of us, our apple orchard and vineyards.    But, the weather people say it is supposed to clear up by this weekend.  So our warning to you if you are planning to come over and pick apples or grapes is:  It is muddy!!  Very muddy….we have standing water in many of the lanes going in and out of the orchards and are doing our best to find new ways to route everyone in and out.  So…..patience and boots are a requirement for this weekend!!

But if you are able to come pick this weekend, all of our apples and grapes are ready now.  You can pick both the Niagara and Concord grapes as well as all varieties of apples except Honeycrisp, (we don’t have U-Pick Honeycrisp)  McIntosh and Gala (which are already gone.)

We have lots of picked apples on the market, all varieties are now in.  We have some great specials going on some of our varieties, such as Gala and Red Delicious.   We have also picked our pumpkins and have mums, gourds, Indian corn and many other fall ornamentals.

On Saturday, the brandy house will be open from 1 – 4.  Our brandy maker Bruce has been quite busy lately making apple, pear and peach brandy…..you can smell the wonderful aroma when you walk in!

Check out our scarecrows…..and have your picture taken with them!    And if anyone feels like this scarecrow should not be wearing an MSU sweatshirt and and MSU hat, then just make sure I am not looking if you try to switch the hat!!

Our "MSU fan" scarecrow

So, dig out your boots, winter coat, hat and gloves and come on over this weekend!  Fall is definitely here.   (Even if it seems like winter!)

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Fall U-Pick apples opening on Friday, 9-23

Hi, my apologies for the double email that went out in error yesterday from me, what follows is the email on apples that was supposed to go out…..sorry, the long harvest days are getting to me!

Fall U-Pick apples:  We will open the fall apples on Friday, 9-23 for U-Pick.    The fall apples that will be available to pick are:

  • Cameo***
  • Cortland***
  • Fuji–Early and late varieties***
  • Jonathan**
  • Mutsu*
  • Ida Red*
  • Red Delicious***
  • Red Rome**
  • Northern Spys**
  • Yellow (Golden) Delicious**
  • *** Three stars means we have lots and lots of these apples
  • **Two stars mean we have a moderate amount of these apples
  • *One star means we don’t have many of these

However, please be aware that all of the apples are not as ripe as others.    The apples in green above are ready now.  The others will be better if you can pick them a bit later.  However, we know that isn’t always an option for those who are coming from a distance or who are trying to juggle the many things we all have going on in our busy lives.    So if you are unable to wait for some of the later varieties,  please pick carefully and select the ripest apples from the tree.  We want to send you home with ripe, flavorful apples!  Please call us or talk to any of our market clerks or apple field guide when you come out for more guidance on the best apples.   (269-244-5690).

Information for apple picking:  We are open 8 – 6 daily, please be finished by 6 pm.  Bring baskets if you have them, if not, we will set you up with bags/baskets.  Please dress appropriately for an orchard, where natural hazards exist (bees, tall grass under the trees, the occasional sprig of poison ivy, etc.)   We do not supply any ladders, so if you would like to get that perfect apple that is beyond your reach, please bring your own.

For a description of these and all of the apples that we grow, please go to the apple listing on our website:  http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/seasonal-offerings/apples/

Pumpkins:  We started bringing in our pumpkins today from the field.  They range from $1 for the smallest to $6 for the largest ones.  We also have gourds, corn stalks and mums available for your fall decorating.

Bringing in pumpkins from the field on 9-21-11

Denim "guarding" the pumpkin pile

This picture with the big slide in the background reminds me to tell you that when you visit us, you are welcome to use the slide to enjoy with  your families.  We would just ask that the parents/adults along watch their children carefully when using it.    Here’s a family that came out this week, brought a picnic lunch and really enjoyed our old-fashioned slide (they just don’t make them this way anymore!)

Family posing for a picture on the big slide

This little body seems pretty content to eat two apples while his siblings slide!

Brandy Tasting will be open on Saturday from 1 – 4.  Bruce has made some wonderful peach brandy this week.   When you walk into the distillery, you can still smell the aroma….

Apple Dumplings:  Apple dumplings, made out of our own Cortland apples will be here again this weekend.  They are a definite fall favorite.

From all of us here at Corey Lake Orchards, we look forward to seeing you soon to enjoy all of our fall offerings!