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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend and….Happy Spring!

With today’s heat, we are finally ready to believe spring is here….hooray! We’re grateful to see the sun and to have its warmth in the soil so that seeds will start sprouting and plants will start growing.

The fruit trees are beginning to bloom, which we think is one of the loveliest things to see around our farm in the springtime. If you drive by, cherries across from the market have started blooming. Pears, plums and apples will be close behind.  You’re welcome to take your fill of pictures.  Sadly, you won’t see much life in the peach trees on Corey Lake Road east of the market, there are no buds or blossoms, so it appears we have lost the peach crop for 2014 MacBook Photoshop free download.

The market was bustling today with all-hands-on-deck to scrub, rake, sweep and clean out any remnants from last season to be ready to welcome our customers. It was a pleasure to do this as the bakers were making pies – the aroma wafting through the air reminded us how much we have missed the bakery 윈도우10 테마 다운로드!

Here’s what we have available now:

Asparagus! We are starting to pick every day and have bulk quantities available. We are pricing it at $2/lb. for under 10 lb. and $1.75/lb. for orders of 10lb. or more. It is such a nice, fresh flavor to have in the springtime. We think we’ll have a constant supply, but as always, you’re welcome to call before you come to have us set some aside for you Google Maps Maps for Android. (269) 244-5690.

Rhubarb: We will have rhubarb available starting Friday, May 9th.  Given the heat the past few days, we anticipate having a hearty supply.

Plants, plants and more plants: We have most of our plants in now for you to come select from. Some of the plants we have seeded and grown in our own greenhouse, but most of them come from a local source that we have bought from for over 25 years, Schram’s Greenhouse in Portage. This gives us confidence that you are getting a good plant when you get them here Download AsiaNooks.

  • Flats of Vegetables include: broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, spinach, swiss chard, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, eggplant, many varieties of peppers and onion sets
  • Flats of Flowers include: asters, celosia, cosmos, gomphrena, impatiens, lobella, marigolds, morning glories, moss rose, nasturtium, ornamental cabbage and ornamental kale, pansies, petunias, salvia, snapdragons, verbena, vinca, and zinnias. There are different colors and heights to choose from.
  • Herbs (sold by the pot) include: basil, dill, lemon balm, many mints, oregano, thyme, sweet marjoram, and parsley
  • Flats of Tomatoes: Many varieties including mini tomatoes and regular tomatoes
  • Many types of hanging flower baskets
  • The “vine” crops are yet to come: melons, squash and cucumbers (probably a week away)

We would recommend that you let these plants “harden up” outside for a few days before planting in the ground, as they have just left their warm greenhouse environment, especially tomatoes, pepper and flowers. Cold-crop items are fine to plant now 스마트폰 파일 다운로드.


Many flats of flowers available


Many unique types of flowers in hanging baskets

Greenhouse tomatoes: We still have beautiful, large, but unfortunately still green tomatoes in the greenhouse. It looks like it will be at least a few more weeks until that first BLT.

Bakery opens Friday, May 9th, for the year! Our offerings for the weekend will be:

  • Cookies: Large Flower Cut-Out sugar cookies, large Monster (chocolate chips, M&M’s peanut butter and oatmeal) and Iced Lemon
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate Cream, and Strawberry Rhubarb and Rhubarb (fruit pies made from our own produce we preserved last year)
  • Bread: 12 Grain Bread, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon
  • Cinnamon Rolls and Pecan Sticky Buns

Michaela and Patti making strawberry-rhubarb pies….mmm…


Cherry pies coming out of the oven.

So….where are the donuts? We will start making donuts on Memorial Day Weekend 사운드 포지 11 키젠 다운로드. We’ll be making special summery flavors as different fruits come into season, like cherry, blueberry, and other flavors.

Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • Our local vendors have their items on the market now. These include: local honey, maple syrup, cards, art and Ruth’s famous pecan and cashew brittle. 
  • Why not buy Mom a “living” salad? We will have large tomato plants for the patio or to set outside—they are already blooming, staked and some have little tomatoes on them. Pair these with one of our lettuce bowls 폰으로 동영상 다운로드. They’re planted with cold-tolerant greens that can be put outside now, and the lettuce can be picked and it grows back! Grab a basil plant in one of our colored pots, then add a bottle of your Mom’s favorite salad dressing and you have a healthy gift she can continue to enjoy.

    Salad bowls and tomato plants.

    Salad bowls and tomato plants.

  • An arranged flower container for the patio or door step for Mom Pamper download. Once again we will be making up special containers with flowers and herbs. Come see the many unique containers available for sale at all price ranges. If you have a container you would like us to plant, bring it over and tell us what you would like in it.

Our terrace garden to the east of the market is still a work in progress, so we apologize for the pile of materials in the corner of our parking lot 안드로이드 이메일 다운로드. However, we think you will love the final result, especially as the plants start to fill!

Another family milestone:  My Mother’s Day is even more special this year as my son Chad graduated last weekend from the University of Michigan’s Business School. Chad has worked here most summers and is a familiar face to many of you. We are so proud of him.

Congratulations, Chad!

So on behalf of everyone here at Corey Lake Orchards, we thank you for buying local and really hope to see you out this weekend or soon 피파99 다운로드.








Asparagus sighting…..It must be spring!

Update from Beth:

  • We are convinced it is really spring. The farm is in our beginning-of-the-year flurry of long work days, preparing ground, planting, preparing more ground, more planting…This week we got in all of the onions, potatoes, peas and our first plantings of sweet corn and green beans.   Right now, everything is about two weeks later than last year Double download.

Jay plowing the fields for planting 4-23-14

Planting onion sets on 4-24-14

Planting seed potatoes on 4-24-14, we planted 3 new kinds this year


Feeding the potato planter

  • The surest sign spring is here was finding asparagus spears pushing through the ground!! So….we should have asparagus (if the weather cooperates) the first part of May. If you want to place an order for asparagus, please call (269-244-5690) or email us, let us know how many pounds you are looking for and a phone number 대성 스카이프 다운로드. We will call you when we can fill your order.
  • We will open the market for the year when asparagus is fully ready, we will know more next week, but anticipate opening possibly the weekend of May 3rd.
  • We will be open in time for Mother’s Day and in our next update we will provide a detailed list of items you may want to consider for Mother’s Day gifts 엘로버디 애드온 다운로드. We will have our usual assortment of planted pot arrangements (with both flowers and herbs) and hanging baskets. We also have “lettuce bowls” growing in the greenhouse, basil plants in colorful pots and both cherry and large tomato plants for setting on a patio or deck. Of course, we will offer a variety of baked goods and yes, pies!! (See Michaela’s section for more updates.)

Cathy planting cherry tomatoes for Mother’s Day


  • Garden plants: We will soon be stocking our spring supply of plants for your garden. This will include most vegetables, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. We’ll publish a list of what is going to be available and pricing next week for those of you anxious to get started Free download of cadmas.
  • Tomatoes: We’ve got big green tomatoes in the greenhouse. We’re still thinking some will be ripening about May 15th date, just after Mother’s Day. So a BLT is hopefully less than one month away!

Just waiting for them to turn red

The tomato plants are now as tall as I am 얼마 에요 erp 다운로드! 4-25-14









Update from Michaela & the bakery staff:

  • Happy spring everyone!! Our short vacation will soon be over and we are readying the bakery for full production! We have missed all of our loyal customers over the past few months, but we stayed busy 영화 코코 다운로드. This winter we made a lot of apple pies and froze them so you can have our mouthwatering apple pies all summer long. We also have been planning and testing several new additional bakery items to offer.
  • We are looking forward to baking for your Mother’s Day celebrations. Next week we will publish our full list of baked good offerings and start taking orders use map. At the very least, we’ll a variety of cookies, pies, cinnamon rolls and bread.

Update from Becca:

  • In the last update, we mentioned putting in a large terrace garden on the east side of the market, and another large garden in the yard by the house. A family member with a very nice rototiller came over on Saturday to help us prepare the soil – thank you Greg! – and Tuesday we got a delivery of beautiful leaf and mushroom compost to integrate msi scm 다운로드. Hooray!
  • These gardens have several purposes. First, they’re part of our market operation, so expect to see fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers going from the these gardens to the market shelves for you to purchase. They will both have u-pick herbs, flowers, and vegetables. We’re also planning to have some educational components to these gardens.
  • I’m happy to answer any questions about how we’re managing these gardens piercing to the snake.

Becca getting the compost worked into the soil


  • My Earth Day celebration was planting two of the new beds in the garden by the house – I have seeded radish, peas, carrots, spinach, lettuces, arugula, beets, scallions, and orach (sort of like spinach, and purple!). We also have the first plantings of kale, chard, kohlrabi, spinach, lettuce, and chives in the ground.

Becca planting a section of the raised garden area

  • This is the most hopeful part of the garden year, seriously 무지개여신 다운로드! The soil is still fluffy and weed-free, there are no pests or molds or blights, and I can plant whatever I want. It is very difficult to suppress the urge to plant all those empty beds right now – I’m just so excited. I hope to see you all at the market this year so you can give me feedback on how it looks/tastes.
  • On a semi-related note, I’m very excited to have built a couple of compost bins here at the farm, and I’m looking to add more compost bins as the year goes on. If you have kitchen scraps that you’re currently throwing in your trash can (egg shells, orange peels, wilted greens, vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea, etc.), get in touch with me, because we might just have space for that in our compost. I’d hate to see good material go to a landfill, especially when it could be future fertilizer for my fields.

So, from everyone at Corey Lake Orchards, we thank you for buying local and look forward to seeing you soon!






Asparagus, Plants and Mother’s Day update

We will be open starting Wednesday, May 1st, our daily hours are 8 to 6.

Asparagus Update:  We will try to pick asparagus for the first time on Weds, May 1st.  It will take a few days to a week (depending on the weather) to pick in large quantities.  So, you are best to call ahead (269-244-5690) and we will save it for you as we tend to sell out early at the beginning of the season.  If you want larger quantities (like 20 pounds or more) please call and get on our order list and we will call you when it is available Sylvie 1.21.

Plants for sale:   We currently have a selection of cold crop plants: cabbage, kale, brussell sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, swiss chard, etc.  These plants like cold weather and you can get these in your own gardens any time now 프리미어 프로 2018 다운로드. We also have tomato plants for sale–many varieties.    By the middle of May we hope to have all of our plant selections available: squash, peppers, eggplant, peppers, melons, cukes.  So plan on getting your garden items here, call ahead to make sure we have the plants you want before you drive out as we are bringing them in daily Kingsman 1.

Blueberry bushes:  We have some blueberry bushes available but only a few days.  Call us (269-244-5690) if you want us to save you some.  These are 3 year established bushes.  We have two kinds, Duke and Northland 클래시 로얄 버그판 다운로드.

Flowers for a cutting garden.  Many of you have admired the cutting garden that we put out each year by the market.  If you would like to start some of your own, we will be offering those plants as well.    The annuals we use in the cutting garden are:  cosmos, snapdragons, asters, zinnias, and gomphrena c# internet files.

In addition we are currently stocking a variety of flower pots and hanging baskets.

Mother’s Day ideas:     This year, consider some of our special Mother’s day items we are putting together for the Mom’s in your life:

  Salad for Mom:

  • We are offering large tomato plants for the patio or to set outside—they are already blooming, staked and some have little tomatoes on them old version of White Day.
  • We have put together lettuce bowls that can be put outside, the lettuce can be picked and it grows back!
  • Buy a lettuce bowl, a large tomato plant and add a bottle of your Mom’s favorite salad dressing and you have the healthy gift of a fresh salad 자바 파일 여러개 다운로드!

Salad Bowls and tomato plants available








An arranged flower container for the patio or door step for Mom

  • This year we are combining the best of two things, Cathy’s skills in creating beautiful  flower containers and Beth’s love of collecting vintage items, especially with fruit on them.  Come see the many unique containers available for sale at all price ranges.  If you have a container you would like Cathy to plant, bring it over Best download.









Baked Goods for Mom:    Michaela and her mother, our famous bakers, will be starting up for the year in time for Mother’s Day weekend.  Their offerings will be available starting Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th.   To be sure to get the baked goods you want,  please call ahead or email us to order in advance (269-244-5690) Shakra Max.

  • Cookies:  Large, pastel flower cut outs, Monster and Zucchini Chocolate Chip
  • Pies: Apple, Blueberry Download The Color of the Wind. Cherry. Cherry Berry and Peach.  Note: Peach pies will be only offered a few times this year until peach season as our frozen peach supplies are limited.  We are making peach available for Mother’s Day weekend
  • Sugar Free Pies need to be ordered in advance
  • Also 12 Grain Bread, Whole Wheat Bread and Cinnamon Rolls

    Brandy or Polecat Wines for Mom:  Bruce will be open for brandy and wine tasting along with tours of our distillery, on Saturday, May 11th from 1 – 4, and then all Saturdays for the rest of our 2013 season.  Ask him about some special ways to blend our brandies into some wonderful drinks for Mom.

What’s happening on the farm? Finally some true spring weather and we are busy getting plants in the ground.  Last week we planted 28,000 onion bulbs, 6000 strawberry plants, and all of our cold crop plants–working around the several days that it decided to snow off and on!  Today we planted tomatoes—all for continuing my Dad’s quest of having the first tomatoes ready in Michigan each year.

We even transplanted a few tomato plants we have been growing in greenhouse since February with tomatoes on them!! 4-30-13








Blossoms and Bees:   With another 80 degree day coming this week, we expect the orchards to start blooming soon.  Our beekeepers have been busy the last few days setting up more hives of bees which we think will enjoy the many pollination choices available here in our orchards, vineyards and fields.






Peach blossoms just about to “pop” 4-30-13







Everyone at Corey Lake Orchards is excited about opening for another season to offer you the best we can in local produce and other local items.  Thanks for buying local and we hope to see you soon.







Mid-April Update

Just a quick update as many of you have been asking about asparagus.  During our daily checks,  we have no signs of any asparagus coming up yet Jung Hee-ra.    But this week’s rains and warmer weather should do something!   We will  give you an update in about a week.

Plants/Seed Potatoes for sale:  We have  plants available for sale as our stock came in this week and we have some extra.  Call us at 269-244-5690 or email us if you would like to have us save some for you.  Please leave us your name, phone number, what you would like and how many.   We are not open yet for the year so we will get back to  you on when you can pick them up One Nation.

Available NOW: 

Strawberry varieties are:   Earliglow, AC Wendy,  Allstar, Mesabi, Darselect and Donna.  They are  50 cents per plant.   These are all June-bearing varieties that we have planted over the years at our farm 엑셀 2007 다운로드.

Onion Plant varieties (All sweet) are:  Candy (large yellow), Red Candy Apple (red medium sized onion),  Super Star (large white) map of Hawaii.    They are 5 cents per plant or bulb.

Seed Potatoes--Red Norland:  These are 10 cents/potato.  This is the same kind that we have grown and sold here for years 웹쉘 파일 다운로드.

Tomato Plants:  We have a few large tomato plants for sale now, these would be for your patio or if you have a greenhouse.  But the bulk of our tomato plants will be available in the month of May.  We will provide a list of varieties and pricing in a few weeks Skins Season 1.

Coming in May we will have a large variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, tomato and melon plants.  We will have a list of these out soon, so start getting those garden and flower beds ready!!  All of these plants are grown in a local greenhouse for us scouter.

We think spring is finally here and we look forward to seeing all of our customers soon!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards



Yeah! Our GreenHouse Tomatoes are ready! Don’t Forget Mother’s Day

Greenhouse Tomatoes:  This past week of sunny days has pushed the greenhouse temperature up (some days over 100 degrees!) and finally the tomatoes are ripening Download Ban Chang-ko.   So the wait for the “first really good BLT for 2012” is over  as they are now for sale  at our market!    Just be aware they do tend to sell out quickly each day as we are not picking at full yield yet.  Call ahead if you want us to save some for you Download code 39.

Greenhouse Tomatoes Picked on 5-8-12

Mother’s Day Weekend:  Mother’s Day is this Sunday, it is a time for everyone to remember where they came from and to thank their mom for everything she has done for them!  We have a number of items you can choose from to put together a lovely gift for Mom with local products.   Besides our  fresh picked asparagus and rhubarb we have reusable “Corey Lake Orchards” tote bags,  honey, Ruth’s pecan and cashew brittle.  Our bakers are bringing pies, cinnamon rolls, bread,  and cookies.  They will have specially-decorated flower sugar cookies for Mother’s Day.  This weekend I highly recommend the rhubarb or strawberry- rhubarb pie.  Since rhubarb is in season, this is the time to enjoy it.  If one of my son’s was going to get me a Mother’s Day gift, I would want a mini-rhubarb pie that I could eat all by myself (Hint, hint….).    If you have never tried their rhubarb pie, you really should, of all the pies they make it is my favorite Hangul 2010 Viewer.

The Brandy House is open this Saturday from 1 -4.  Bruce will be here at the brandy house for tasting and tours.  Be sure to ask him about some great drink recipes he has perfected using our brandies.  I highly recommend the peach, cherry or pear brandy as a Mother’s Day gift Download the cheat engine bypass version!

Plants and Hanging Flower baskets:  We will have many plants for sale this weekend, including hanging flower baskets.  If your mother is a gardener, consider mixing up a flat of various vegetable and tomato plants and helping her get them planted this weekend subtitles for WinterSoldier.

Plants available this weekend will be:

  • Pepper plants (Sweet bell, Sweet Banana, Hungarian, Jalapano and Cayenne)
  • Herbs:  Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Chives, and Parsley
  • Note:  we are just getting our pepper plants and herbs in for the first time this year and will have them available on Friday afternoon (May 11th)
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Lettuce
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Tomato plants (cherry and grape tomatoes, Biltmore, Mountain Fresh, Mountain Glory, Rocky Top, Red Defender, Primo Red, Scarlett Red)

Plants which are still yet to come will be watermelon,  cantaloupe, eggplant, cucumber, and both summer and winter squash plants.  Check back around May 15th to see if we have a date yet for when they will be ready 해피데스데이 자막 다운로드.

Flower Plants:  We usually don’t sell flower plants but as I did my cutting garden this year, I over estimated how many I needed so we have zinnias, cosmos and snapdragons for sale.  So if you have ever wanted to try a cutting garden, this is a good way to start by using actual plants versus seeds fix art.

Everyone here at Corey Lake Orchards is hoping you have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you.