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Fruit and Vegetable Update for the beginning of August

As summer continues, we want to remind you that everything is continuing to ripen earlier than normal  and with the hot dry summer– not staying long.  Our fruit crops are running several weeks early and our summer vegetables, usually peaking now, have already peaked and will be finishing early.   Keep this in mind as we don’t want you to miss some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  The vegetables we still have are:  zucchini, yellow squash,spaghetti squash, cucumbers, red potatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet corn, onions and green beans.

Peaches:  Our new peach orchard (those small 2 year old trees along Corey Lake Road) is pleasantly surprising us with a better yield than expected.    We have small boxes available: $3.50/quart (2 pounds) or $6.00 for 2-quarts (4 pounds) daily.  On days where we pick a lot, we are selling them by the peck (1/4 of a bushel).  We still don’t have enough to sell by the bushel, but you may buy up to 8 pecks at a time (2 bushel).   This week we still have some Red Havens for $10 a peck.  We have started picking a new variety called Coral Star.  These are freestone, larger than the Red Haven and are $12 a peck when available.  Not only are our peaches beautiful this year, they are very sweet due to the dry conditions.    If you call the market and we have peaches on hand that day, we are happy to hold them for you.  269-244-5690. We are expecting to pick a  good share of our peach crop within this next week and then we will have only 2 more later varieties to come.

My niece Amber visiting from Florida and thoroughly enjoying a fresh peach

Our 2nd year trees with beautiful Coral Star peaches







Vegetables by the bushel:    Our green beans are flourishing with the recent rains, they are $25/bushel when ordered in advance.  We have plenty of green peppers and they are available at $15.00 a bushel when ordered in advance.  Call 269-244-5690.

Picked Tomatoes:   Finally, more of our field tomatoes are ripening.    If you want picked tomatoes, please call us at 269-244-5690 to get on our list.  We offer “first quality” tomatoes at $28 a bushel or “seconds” at $15.00.   Our “seconds” are great for making sauce, salsa or juice.  They just have a few blemishes/spots on them that you need to cut out.

U-Pick Tomatoes:  Due to the high volume of customers who want to pick tomatoes this year, we have decided to start the year by scheduling customers in to pick.   This allows us to make sure that when you come there are enough tomatoes to pick.    So please call the market to get on our “U-Pick tomato” list.  Give us your name, phone number and how many you would like to pick.  We will start calling customers back and letting you know when you can pick.  Hopefully by the end of August  we will have enough tomatoes so  we don’t need to schedule anymore. U-Pick tomatoes will be $14 a bushel.  We thank you in advance for working with us as we try this new scheduling system in hopes that we can give you a better picking experience.  We will be starting to call customers this week to pick tomatoes.

Tomatoes ripening in the U-PIck tomato field, 8-7-12

Watermelon:  Our own home-grown seeded watermelon is finally ready.  We have the round Crimson Sweet and the long-striped Charleston Grey.  We are still bringing in cantaloupe daily.

Summer Apples:  We will be harvesting the rest of our Earli-blaze apples within a week.  If you would like to get some of these, please call the market (269-255-5690) to give us your name, number and how many bushel.  This is probably the best summer apple we grow.  It is tart, good for eating or for apple sauce and pies.    Since we had a good crop of these, we are offering them at $20/bushel.

Onion bags:  As our sweet onions dry, we are bagging them in 8-pound mesh bags.  The white and yellow onions sell for $7.50/bag and the red onions sell for $9.00 a bag.

Baked Goods:  We offer baked goods on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This week our bakers will be bringing a new pie called “Berry Peachy.”  It combines our blueberries and peaches together…..you’ll want to try this one!

Bartlett Pears:  We have about 10 percent of our normal pear crop and we will be harvesting them within the next week.   We currently have them for sale on the market in small quantities of $3.50 quart (2 pounds) or $6 for a 2-quart (4 pounds) and a $10.00 peck (1/4 of a bushel).   If you want bushels of pears for canning, please call and give us your name, phone number and how many bushel you would like to have.   (269-244-5690)  We can’t make any promises until we finish picking and see how many bushels are available.  They will be $36/bushel and we may have to limit customers to a few bushels to allow as many as possible to get pears.

U-Pick Grapes:  We are going to have a good crop of blue Concord and white Niagara grapes this year.  We anticipate them being ready around September 10th.     This year we are expanding the amount of U-Pick concord vineyards available to ensure we have enough for all that want to pick.   Please call us the week of August 27th for more information on our opening date or check the website.   We want to make sure the grapes are ripe before we open and that will depend on the weather for the next few weeks.   The pricing will be the same as last year:  25 cents/pound or 20 cents/pound if you pick over 100 pounds.

Fall Apples:  As you know we have a very limited apple crop this year due to the April frost and freeze.      We have about 25% of our normal crop and we feel fortunate to have that many knowing how other growers were more severely impacted and have none.  Sadly, we must inform you that we will not have U-Pick apples this year due to the light crop.  We know how much our customers enjoy this annual experience and we love having you.  We will have limited amounts of picked apples for sale as they ripen.  Within the next few weeks we hope to give you more information about what varieties we will have available and estimates on when they will be ready. We appreciate your support and understanding and let’s all hope for a better year in 2013.

Thanks as always for buying local.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Come enjoy the beautiful weekend weather with us at the orchard & vineyard!

What a beautiful week we have had and a forecast for a great weekend as well.   It will be the perfect weekend to come out and enjoy the fall colors, pick some apples, taste our cider, pick out pumpkins and smell the aroma from the grape vineyards.

U-Pick apples:   We still have a lot of apples to pick, but on some varieties you may need to bring a ladder as they are up in the tops of the trees.  Apples which are still plentiful are:  Red Delicious, Cortland, Fuji, Jonathan, Northern Spies and Cameo.

Red Delicious are so thick on the trees this year they hang in "ropes" so fun to pick!!

U-Pick grapes (Concord and Niagara):  The customer demand for grapes this year has surprised us, so they will not last much longer.   Please call before you come out to make sure there are some left.

Customer who filled their entire trunk with Concord grapes they picked....

Then fit the rest in the car with them!

Concord grapes: great for juice, jelly and wine!

Cider:  We are pressing fresh cider 2 to 3 times per week now, the flavor gets better with each pressing as the apples get riper and riper as the season goes on.    Ask for a sample when you are here and try it for yourself.

Picked Apples:  Here is what we have in the market for picked apples:

  • Braeburn*
  • Cameo
  • Cortland
  • Fuji
  • Golden Supreme
  • Honey Crisp
  • Ida Red*
  • Jonathan
  • Nu-Red*
  • Red Delicious
  • Spy’s
  • Yellow (Golden) Delicious*

*This indicates we do not have many of these left, if you want some, you may want to call us and have us reserve them for you.  269-244-5690.

Sadly, the following are now gone for the season, many of our favorities…..

  • Gala
  • JonaMac
  • JonaGold
  • McIntosh
  • Molly’s Delicious
  • Mutsu

Our 50th anniversary apple special!  This marks the 50th year our farm has been in business, originally starting as an apple orchard.  To celebrate this milestone and to reward our many loyal long-time customers, we have “rolled back” the price of Red Delicious apples.  Fifty years ago, Red Delicious were one of the most popular apples.  They sold then for $5 a bushel.  So we are offering each customer an opportunity to purchase them once again at that price:  $5 a bushel (Limit of 3 per customer.)    You will find these in large bins outside our market, just grab a bushel bag and fill it up.  This is a great way to get apples and share with neighbors, friends, schools, donate to food shelters, etc.   In the days and weeks to come, we will be giving you some additional information about the 50 years of our farm’s history.

Yes for real, $5 a bushel

Customers filling their Red Delicious bushels

It is possible to get a bushel of Red Delicious in a motorcyle!

Fall Ornamentals:  We have a great variety of mums, gourds, warty pumpkins, Indian corn and Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins for sale.  We also have painted pumpkins and gourds, done once again for us by Diane Jones, they are adorable.

Fall Squash:  We have butternut, acorn, hearts of gold, spaghetti and Hubbard squash.

Baked Goods:  A new addition for fall (besides the apple dumplings) are pumpkin muffins.  I personally ate one entire dozen by myself last week they were so good.

Brandy House:  When planning your trip to the orchard this weekend, remember the brandy house is open for tasting and tours on Saturday from 1 – 4.

Fall Color Tour:  The annual Fall Color Tour is Sunday, October 16th, from 11 – 5.  We will be part of the tour once again and will have arts and crafts, brandy tasting and tours, free cider and apple samples, Live Birds of Prey Exhibit (1pm to 3pm)  and many other fun and interesting things.   More to come on that next week, but mark your calendar.

We hope to see you this weekend. Beth and everyone else at Corey Lake Orchards.


Rain, Rain, Rain…..and where did the month of September go??

Enough with the rain, we have had over 3 inches here in the last few days….definitely taking its toll on all of us, our apple orchard and vineyards.    But, the weather people say it is supposed to clear up by this weekend.  So our warning to you if you are planning to come over and pick apples or grapes is:  It is muddy!!  Very muddy….we have standing water in many of the lanes going in and out of the orchards and are doing our best to find new ways to route everyone in and out.  So…..patience and boots are a requirement for this weekend!!

But if you are able to come pick this weekend, all of our apples and grapes are ready now.  You can pick both the Niagara and Concord grapes as well as all varieties of apples except Honeycrisp, (we don’t have U-Pick Honeycrisp)  McIntosh and Gala (which are already gone.)

We have lots of picked apples on the market, all varieties are now in.  We have some great specials going on some of our varieties, such as Gala and Red Delicious.   We have also picked our pumpkins and have mums, gourds, Indian corn and many other fall ornamentals.

On Saturday, the brandy house will be open from 1 – 4.  Our brandy maker Bruce has been quite busy lately making apple, pear and peach brandy…..you can smell the wonderful aroma when you walk in!

Check out our scarecrows…..and have your picture taken with them!    And if anyone feels like this scarecrow should not be wearing an MSU sweatshirt and and MSU hat, then just make sure I am not looking if you try to switch the hat!!

Our "MSU fan" scarecrow

So, dig out your boots, winter coat, hat and gloves and come on over this weekend!  Fall is definitely here.   (Even if it seems like winter!)

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Honeycrisp are here!

Honeycrisp apples:  We just picked our first Honeycrisp apples of the season that so many of you have been waiting for. They are available in the market by the pound ($1.50) or in a 10-pound peck ($12.00) bag.  Come on out for some, you will find they were worth waiting for!

Picked or U-Pick apples in the market:  We now have Mollie’s Delicious, Gala, Jon-a-Mac and McIntosh apples for sale in the market.   You may also pick these four kinds.

  • Mollie’s Delicious is a large, sweet eating apple.  It is a late summer apple and this will probably be the last weekend for them.
  • Gala is a great eating and cooking apple.  It has a crisp snappy bite over a mellow sweetness.
  • Jon-A-Mac:  This is a good cooking or eating apple.  It has all of the best qualities of a Jonathan apple and a McIntosh.
  • McIntosh:  This is the “real” old fashioned McIntosh.  It has a white flesh, is very juicy, slightly tart and smells wonderful.  Great for applesauce or making apple juice.

Fall apples:  The remainder of the fall apples are not ready yet.  We will open for those to pick probably mid to late September.  This past week’s cool weather has slowed things down.  We have lots of apples this year, so there will be plenty when we open for picking.  The fall apples that will be available to pick are:

  1. Cameo
  2. Cortland
  3. Fuji
  4. Jonathan
  5. Mutsu
  6. Ida Red
  7. Red Delicious
  8. Red Rome
  9. Northern Spys
  10. Golden Delicious

Grape Update:  When you come out, that wonderful aroma you smell is the white Niagara grapes!    We are awaiting the results of a sugar sample (hope to know by 9-13) to determine the opening date.    For your planning purposes, we think the white Niagara grapes will be ready around 9-14 and the Concords possibly the week of 9-18 or later.   They will be 25 cents/pound to pick, if you pick over 100 pounds, they will be 20 cents a pound.

Fruit:   Our seeded watermelon have decided to get ready now that summer picnic season is over, so we have a lot and will have them on special this weekend.  We will have peaches this weekend as well.

Winter Squash:  We have acorn, butternut and sweet dumpling squash ready now.

Brandy House:  The Brandy house will be open for tasting and tours on Saturday, from 1 – 4.  Bruce would love to see you.

Thanks again for buying local, we hope to see you soon.

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards


Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

Labor Day Weekend:  We will be open all weekend from 8 – 6 daily, including the holiday on Monday.  We hope to see you!

Exciting news!!  We are opening up U-Pick apples this weekend since we have so many early apples ready to be picked.  We have never had as many early apples before as we have this year, plus they are beautiful.   There are four varieties ready that you may pick:

  1. JonaMac
  2. Mollies Delicious
  3. Gala
  4. Macintosh

They will be $15 a bushel to pick.  Please bring baskets or containers if you have them.  We will give you baskets to pick in.

We are pleased that we can open this weekend as we know many people will be in the area for Labor Day weekend and would like to have the “apple picking experience” with their families, especially so that the kids can take their teacher an apple they picked themselves!!

Mollies Delicious: A large, sweet eating apple, the perfect apple for your favorite teacher

Picked apples:  If you want your apples already picked, we will have the same four varieties available on the market as well.

A happy apple customer!

Fall apples:  The remainder of the fall apples are not ready yet.  We will open for those to pick probably mid-September.  We have lots of apples this year, so there will be plenty when we open for picking.

U-Pick Tomatoes:  We have finally opened U-Pick tomatoes.  They are $12 a bushel.  Please bring your own containers or baskets.    Until there are “lots” of tomatoes, we are limiting each picking group to 5 bushels.    We expect to have tomatoes until the first frost.  Please call ahead before you come out to pick tomatoes to check the picking conditions since we never can tell how many customers might pick in one day.   269-244-5690.

Grape Update:  If you are out this weekend, that wonderful aroma you smell is the white Niagara grapes!  They have really changed in the past week and are ripening nicely.  For your planning purposes, we think the white Niagara grapes will be ready the week of 9-11 and the Concords possibly the week of 9-18 or later.  Call us by September 10th and we will hopefully have an opening date for U-Pick and the pricing.

Summer Vegetables:  We still have sweet corn, green beans, peppers, and tomatoes on the market.    We still have lots of onions left.  Time to get them to store for the winter.  We also have red potatoes for sale by the bushel.

Fruit:   Our seeded watermelon are ready and very sweet. along with cantaloupe, peaches, pears and plums.    And of course the beautiful apples that we already mentioned!!

Baked goods:  Our bakers will have all of their usual goodies this weekend (starting Friday) and also will have them on Monday for the holiday.

Brandy House:  The Brandy house will be open for tasting and tours on Saturday, from 1 – 4.  Bruce would love to host you.

This Labor Day will mark the 6th year since the loss of Allene Hubbard, my mother who started this beautiful market.  We all work hard to honor her legacy by maintaining the market in the spirit she imparted to all of us.  Thank you to all of the customers who continue to think of her and share her memory with us.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Beth and everyone at Corey Lake Orchards