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Wine and Brandy

Hubbard’s Brandy is produced on site every year with fresh in-season fruit and the expertise of our distiller, Bruce Ruesink. Their flavors represent the best of our farm in the middle of breaking up. We have offered brandy and polecat wine since 1999, and in 2014 we added hard cider and other wines to our line-up, made from special blends of 100% Corey Lake Orchards apple cider 모비고 다운로드.

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  1. Noam

    My name is Noam and I used to work at Tavor, down the road. As you all are well aware, we are big fans of your produce, fruit and brandy. I am attending a wedding at Tavor on the 1st and was planning on stopping by at some point over the course of the weekend. Looking at your website it currently reads that you do not have any brandy. Is that still true? I know I am far from the only wedding attendee that will be saddened if that’s the case. Obviously making sure everything is legal and licensed is of the utmost importance.
    I hope you all are doing great and Corey Lake is continuing to thrive.
    Hope this email finds you well.

  2. Miles


    How would you describe your experience with distilling Concord and Niagara?

    Do the compounds responsible for their taste make it through distillation, or is the brandy only a shadow of the huge aromas these grapes have?

    I would love to buy them from you to see; Unfortunately as I live in Canada now, it’s very difficult to import brandy.


    1. Becca

      Hi Miles,

      We feel the aromas come through beautifully. We ferment with skins on – this helps – and we control the distillation tightly. Some prefer the Concord and some prefer the Niagara but generally we all agree that they have a strong, rich flavor.

  3. Christine Szafron

    Greetings! Is this a good weekend for getting cameos? Or should I wait another week before making the drive out? Also, how much are they per bushel? Thanks!!!

    1. Becca

      Hi Christine,

      This is a good weekend for cameos. If you’re hoping to do u-pick, there are still a few cameo trees with good picking. They are $24/bushel, we pick or u-pick. You can call ahead and ask if we can set some aside for you. 269 244 5690.


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